Cretans are cloning and feeding!  

rm_Syntex72 44M
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4/26/2006 1:46 pm

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4/27/2006 6:41 am

Cretans are cloning and feeding!

I have been known to say the one reason i love Zombie movies is cause they are closer to reality TV then Survivor ever will be.

That being said I still get amazed at all the stupid people I see. While at the same time envious out how oblivious to anything around them they are.

Their innate ability to take the simplest super easy task and turn it in to a huge cluster fuck is beyond mind boggling. I wonder how we ever out smarted any dinosaurs!

This is not to say humanity as a whole is bad, they are far from good or bad they are just "there" cloning and feeding till there is nothing left of the carcass of life.

Once and a while one wakes up for a brief second to ask what appeared to be a relevant question...only to never hear the answer when it given to them.

Well this is more of a rant then anything else so I’m not worrying to much about grammar...besides it makes it easier for them to read.

rdy2try4 51F  
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4/26/2006 2:31 pm

And I say the evervescent question my father gave, "Why IS a mouse when it is green?"

lol I know what you mean. I see people around me also that seem so oblivious to anything that if they truly did not have their head attached they would forget it in the morning. A good post will appear, a good question will appear, only to be clouded by some far off thought that is only minutely relevant. (for those of you that didn't get that word, it is phoenetically my-noot-ly)

There are those of us that would relish a conversation with some bite too it, a topic with some real subject to it rather than mindless ramblings of ignorance and idiocy. Only to find that a well thought out and well written question does get hijacked by subliminal fools that answer almost in a comatose state.

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