Tell me no..if you can....  

Synn74 42F
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4/23/2005 9:25 pm
Tell me no..if you can....

*** This is an erotic based fantasy that I discussed with a friend last night.. I never got to finish it for I'll share it here ****

I Stood in the room watching them with you they touched your body as I stood at the doorway unable to touch you noone knows of the passion I have for you so not allowing me to touch you is your way of controling me. As I start to walk away you tell me to stop ignoring you I continue to the door you come up behind me grabbing my arm turning me to you..I try to pull away "Synn" your voice deep and low, never having raised my voice to you or ignored you I hiss " Go fuck your I will not stand idly by and watch" Pulling me closer your lips brush across my ear "My sweetest Synn why do you test me so". I look at you my face expressionless refusing to answer you. The woman smirking chimes in that I should be tethered to the bedpost where I should endure watching the two of you make love. I scoff side stepping you. Your anger rising you instruct the girl to leave the room as she does so I stand there cold refusing to bend to you you anger is visable as you throw a glass against the wall shattering it..

You grab me pushing me against the wall you hands slide up my skirt your fingers entangling them in my thong, the sounds of tearing fabric and the coolness of the air between my legs as you rip it off.. your fingers search for my warmth as they find it your fingers knead the tender flesh as your other hand frees your throbbing cock you lift my left leg to gain better access and I begin whisper "tell me tell me you wanna fuck me " You grit your teeth as your cock finds my sweet warmth and slides in we both gasp for a minute at the feeling.. As you begin to fuck me you groan "yes yes I need to fuck you" as you bury your head in my shoulder as you fuck me my ass slamming upagainst the wall my fingers grip you as minutes later you cum deep inside me pulling me as close as you can before collasping against me and the wall. I kiss your forehead pulling away straightening my clothes and leaving my thong on the floor I walk out the door my ass sore but leaving you to wonder who's dominating who....

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_NaughtyNevin 48

4/25/2005 1:02 pm

Ooooooh, that's pretty good. Not had an experience like that for a while. I love the "who's dominating who....." line.
Very good (wink). I think you should get him round and finish him off!!!


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