Seductions within a stairwell part 000003  

Synn74 42F
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9/25/2005 11:25 am
Seductions within a stairwell part 000003

He had my mind racing.. my body hungry for more ..a shocked cry escaped as he removed his fingers from between my legs... the scent of him increasing my need along with the thrill of anyone walking through that door and finding him fingering me was such a turn on..
I wanted more ..I wanted to feel his fingers knead my tender flesh I wanted to be pushed fully over the edge of desire
my pants were becomming soaked.. I wanted to beg to be taken..bent over that stairwell as he had his way with me ..
He was still pressed firmly against me his hardness now caressing my aching clit with each movement..
I leaned in to him as I whispered fiercely "Please Darius " my eyes begging to feel him thrust inside me
I kissed him hard my tongue teasing his my hands still holding his ass ..slowly began to explore more of him..
sliding to the front caressing his chest then sliding down I found his zipper unzipping him my hand found him hard and ready.. A contented moan escaped my lips as I caressed him and freed him from his confinement..pulling his pants loose his hardness was a welcome treasure in my hand.. I caressed the tip feeling the precum as I stroked him .. I wanted him and I wanted him to want me just as bad...even if only for a brief moment.. I wanted to feel him inside me fucking me in hard long strokes or his tongue buried in my warmth licking me over and over until my clit couldn't be touched anymore My body was hungry and I needed satisfied and I knew how to achieve it....taking his handcuffs I looped one through his belt loop then mine locking each one in place without saying one word...I slid his hand back to the inside of my jeans where the warm anticipation welcomed him pressing his fingers into me once more "Now.. I whispered I have become your prisoner what it is you must to punish me" ....

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__Huntress__ 55M/57F

9/25/2005 6:18 pm

Darius and Synn ... sheesh I love even the sound of those two names together ... if I were a man I would have split my zipper open by now ... quick ... onto Part 4 ... !

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