Recess...Part One  

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10/16/2005 10:07 pm
Recess...Part One

" my body is your playground..." ~S~ 10/15/05

Syn anxiously awaited her afternoon lunch date..she finally would be meeting the man who teased her
with his words taunting her dreams with thoughts of him vivid images of intense eyes staring at her as he weakened her resolve with each kiss every touch across her skin

She quickly freshened up making sure she looked as good as she could in her jeans and red shirt and boots before she ran off to meet him in the bar of the local hotel. Pulling into parking lot she parked her car towards the back herself a chance to catch her nerves as she walked towards the doors.. The bar was small and busy for a Wensday afternoon
Syn breathed feeling more comfortable as she sat down and ordered herself a drink..

Within a few minutes the waitress brought her drink along with a note.. " This was left for you just now ma'am " Syn thanked the woman and paid for her drink.. nervously glancing about the room before she opened the paper.. in a sharp handwriting style were the words..

"Hi time for recess? 263 ~ me" her heart raced as she took a couple sips of her drink and headed up the stairs in search of hopes of what lie ahead reaching the door she paused a moment before knocking.. When the door opened she met the gaze of the most intense eyes she had ever seen.. nothing had prepared her for how hot this man was.. standing there in jeans and a gray shirt which made his eyes brighter. "Would you like to come in?" he smiled as he moved allowing her to walk through the door.. stepping through the door Syn realized this was the moment she had waited for a moment of truths the teasing the fantasies were nothing compared to the moment at hand. As soon as the door clicked shut he was behind her pulling her into him her ass grazing his hardness his breath on her neck his hands sliding over her breasts a moan escaping her lips.. he smelled so damn good and felt a thousand times better than an dream could have portrayed him to feel.
Syn turning to him she wanted to taste him as she kissed him her knees weakened her body melted into him his tongue danced across her lips as they fell into a passion tinged kiss.. finally breaking free Syn was the first to speak.. " I want you .." he looked at her smiling " my body is your playground" as if he had given her the key to freedom Syn began her descent into bliss pulling off his shirt she caressed his chest trailing light kisses over his chest his nipples and lower stomach till she reached the band of his jeans
looking up at him he nodded at her request.. standing up she kissed him her tongue seeking his as her hands undid his jeans pulling them down across his hips allowing her easier acess her hands caressed the cloth that held him prisoner feeling his hardness against her hands she moaned freeing him.. her fingers quickly found him caressing him stroking him giving him one last kiss she pressed him against the door as she knelt before him her tongue seeking his shaft .. her mouth hungry for him as she slid her mouth around him she felt him give his weight against the door as her tongue flicked across the tip tasting the precum of his hardness ..her hands carressed his shaft sliding up and down as her mouth worked him her hands caressing his firm ass as she paused ever so often to lick his thighs as she carressed his balls her tongue teasing them as it danced along the spot between his balls and ass.. god he tasted wonderful she could only imagine the sweetness of him as he finally climaxed and eruppted in her mouth.. his hands caressing her shoulders and moans let her know he was enjoying the fruits of her labor.. if he only knew how wet she had become.. Deciding to show him she stood up still caressing his cock and being inches from his face she took his hand guiding it down her jeans allowing him to feel the heat that has built up from touching him.. as he caressed her through her jeans
Syn could feel herself growing wetter by the second.. " mmm I think someone might be just a little horny .." he whispered as he pressed his fingers harder into her then before Syn could stop him he had her jeans unsnapped and his fingers sliding down her jeans inching closer.. he stopped as he realized she wasn't wearing underwear.. smiling his kissed her gentally " did you know before you came here that this would happen?" she grinned " no but I hoped it might " and with that he continued his teasings as they made their way to the bed sitting her down he quickly undressed with her help one naked he slid onto the bed undressing her just as quickly.. completely naked he caressedand fingered her her as she finished the job she had so wonderfully started ..
as he neared his climax he worked his fingers deeper into her pulling her over him he began to flick his tongue against her hardened clit unable to control herself any longer she worked her mouth and hands into a frenzy her hands and mouth moving in fluid unison as she sucked his cock she could feel him tighten as he nuzzled her .. pausing momentarilly she squeezed his inner thigh and begged "cum with me baby" and with that sugesstion they both let go.. he shot a long hot load in her mouth Syn careful not to wasted a drop consumed every drop till there wasn't anymore then carefully allowing him to slide out of her mouth.. Syn still being racked by aftershocks of the gorgeous tongue massage he has given her turned back to him curling up in front of him.. watching him.. smiling pulling her up underneath him he kissed her .." hoping that was only the beginning........"

part 2 to follow.....

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