Night Calls..  

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10/8/2005 11:23 pm
Night Calls..

She lay in her bed watching the clock it was nearly 3 am
her mind drifting to the wonderful thoughts of him
oh how she missed him in her bed ...
It had been weeks since he had been there
caressing her kissing her fucking her
reaching for her trusty vibe she began to play
her fingers caressing her breasts as she ran the vibe against her clit
she was growing increasingly horny and hated that her vibe was her only option.
Then within the darkness a firmilar scent wafted through her room
And the deep voice of her lover appeared in hushed tones..

" Close your eyes..I am a dream .."

He carressed her body removing the vibe from her hands
he kissed her leaving her breathless
his tongue seeking to taste her
she gasped as her fingers ran through his hair
he devoured her bringing her body to the edge of orgasm
only to push it away..

She begged for him to release her from her prison
yet he repeated..

" I am not here ..I am a dream.."

Sliding up he kissed her once more
allowing the taste of her to mix
with their kisses..

She could feel his hardness against her
as they kissed
she opened her legs wanting to feel him inside her
She then began to kiss his neck and shoulder
allowing her nails to graze against his back..
he loved how she touched him

He entered her and for a moment stopped
allowing them both to feel connected
He never looked away from her and she never asked him too

He rode her long and hard each orgasm more
powerful than the last
He felt so good and she wanted it to last forever but with dawn approaching
she knew it could not..

With the sun on the horizon he quickly dressed leaving her with one last

Only time would tell when they would be reunited
but for now this was how it was to be
She was his and he hers
nothing could destroy what they were to one another.....

*written for the one across the miles
I miss you

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

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