My Darkness..  

Synn74 42F
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9/13/2005 8:45 pm
My Darkness..

I can feel it creeping around me.. attempting to pull me further into the darkened corners of my soul. I feel alone with no comfort in tears sting my eyes as they fall silent ..

why am I sad ..why do I feel alone it's as if I WOKE UP in a depressed state.. alone and unloved
as if I have no loved ones to brighten my day.. my mind dreams of hugs and cuddles but even that is far from reach...he has never understood my dark times.. always beng told by others to get over it..

it is lonely at times.. this is one of them..I hate depressing days..sighs I hate the emptiness it leaves me with.. draining me of the little hapiness I find during these times ...hopefully tommorrow will be better...

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