I don't hate people...do I?  

Synn74 42F
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10/6/2005 9:26 pm
I don't hate people...do I?

Me and a family member were chatting earlier and she made a comment about a certain friendship I have found recently through AdultFriendFinder and she liked said person

It made me think of the dynamics of various friendships in my life ..and how in many ways this one is my most comforting yet my darkest
you see we are alike in many repects.. anti social being our most common..

I am truly not a people person..I tend to stay away from large groups yet I love unconditionally to those who garner my respect and love and if I love you it's a life thing..

Now siting here thinking of my most darkest moods said person would be my closest source of comfort.. Almost as if they were my lifeline into the darkness than can so easily envelope me .. I'm not afraid to be myself with this person.. I am at my most stress free moments when they are within the realm of life
I don't have to pretend I'm in an awesome mood when I am not ..my high defensive guard is down it is my most true self and I don't feel the need to be fake..

Now I am attracted to this individual and if sex were introduced I believe it would be extremely intense and damn good ..but where as normally a person could want more out of a relationship than just intense sex.. I think the dynamics of anything more would change the gorgeous balance within..and honestly we're not looking be more than friends ...

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