Home alone..  

Synn74 42F
1142 posts
11/11/2005 6:37 pm
Home alone..

Here I sit tonight..daughter is watching a dvd before bed hubby is gone to his family's
I feel misplaced..
like I should be elsewhere..
hubby and I are getting along..
but the sex is still non-exsistent..
*sighs* not that I honestly expected that to resolve itself overnight

I just want companionship..
maybe i can find it at the bottom of a bottle????

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

Synn74 42F
1206 posts
11/11/2005 10:18 pm

thanks.. i feel better..just a vent blog mainly

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

firephoenix6969 38M

11/11/2005 10:15 pm

Hey I know hoe you feel same thing is happening to me, except its my son watching tv, Damn if the sex was just there but its not or its just not they way it was

rm_titsandtires 51M/41F
3656 posts
11/11/2005 8:47 pm

hang in there. there's nothing in the bottom of that bottle. i've checked myself a few times. believe it or not, most of the time, there is more loniness at the bottom of the bottle, and way less sex, if you can believe that. the sex may be non-existant, and my guess is it probably will be as long as you feel like you should be elsewhere.

hang in there synn. your alone tonight. but one day in the future, you'll look back on this day and think to yourself, "those days when i could just be by myself and relax... that was great!" treasure it, don't dread it.


rm_android1960a 56M
428 posts
11/11/2005 8:15 pm

I’m lucky enough that I cant tell you this from experience but I have seen it happen to too many friends. The only thing you will find at the bottom of a bottle is a big pile of SHIT. There is no answers, no friends and no companionship just a whole lot of shit that will dump all over your life.

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