Enquiring Mind wishes to know...updated 9/27  

Synn74 42F
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9/26/2005 4:57 pm
Enquiring Mind wishes to know...updated 9/27

Okay guys I have been asking myself why men do or don't do little things could so change the way we women respond to them.

Like here on AdultFriendFinder why must some not all men "assume" we are in search of him by the picture of his manhood.. or automatically want them because of a picture let's face facts guys it's not that attractive !!!
I don't care what it looks like ( unless it's like 2 inches) I just care how he feels buried in me ..

I think a man's intelligence is sexier than his little buddy ..

And why...... if your in a relationship are the littlest of desires the hardest for you guys to deliver on?
flowers for no reason ( a single even from a field )

A Kiss lasting longer than 2 seconds without leading to sex..

Why does wanting to snuggle in bed or on the couch ..automatically insinuate we want sex..
WHY CAN IT JUST BE time spent holding your lover because you just want too..
(better yet tell my hubby it's okay to snuggle)

cook dinner because you think she deserves it not because she's sick and can't!!! my dad cooked every meal in my house 5 out of 7 days and never complained! he also did the grocery shopping as well but that's another story..

Leave the house and do things together rather than sit in front of the tv all day..

Oh and the biggest ...

Sex.. why is it after you marry and kids enter your lives you completely stop having it or atleast go from 2xs a day to like once a week or less.. and don't give me the I'm too tired bullshit or we never have any alone time ..fuck me while you take your shower...

I guess all I am saying is ..do more it's amazing how sometimes the smallest of things can make a woman feel so loved that she isn't always wanting more ...

just because you marry/live together doesn't mean you stop persuing each other

Instead of dedicating an entire blog to my next question/statment I'll add it here..
*pissed off*
How is it we can claim to be friends when one day we're chatting and all is well and the next it's as if I never exsisted.. fuck even TRYING to chat outside of here IM's go unnoticed.. don't say your a friend if you never intended for the friendship to even get off the ground..
I realize there are many people who chat together..that's fine my issue is this .. I think I'll talk to her/him when I feel they deserve my time..why fuckin bother being my friend then.. I'm done..*

jumps off soap box flips off light walks out of the room..........

* Now guys..I'm not saying that we women are completely innocent either..this is just my thought process speaking *

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

Synn74 42F
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9/28/2005 12:25 pm

wow Slide thank you.. I constantly tell my husband to admit he isn't in love anymore....he rolls his eyes,,although he has admitted it may stem from a trust issue with women ( it makes sense) I'm urging counseling if all it is a fear of being left or shut down because of that fear then it's possible he may be able to work through it..
7 yrs and a daughter who can't stand to not be with her father is alot to throw away ...but sometimes life changes us for the better...

Chevy.. I hear this is more common than I realize ..

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

rm_Slideon2me 48M
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9/28/2005 10:20 am

Seems like we have some issues in common. I'm stuck with a woman I love and feel close to who has gone from being as randy as I am to being alright with once or twice a month in the sex dept. We talk - great; we cuddle - great; we double team effectively raising our kids - great; she crashes right after we put them down - not great.
You may not want to hear why men withold affection from those they love. THEY DON'T!!! If a man is mature enough to actually love a woman as his life partner;unless they are in conflict affection and attention should flow naturally from that. That's what I see in most of the good relationships I know of. If your guy is standoffish about touching w/out fucking and gets defensive about it I don't think you need to read between the lines - the lines are clear. He may not even be mature enough to recognize how conflicted his emotions are - I've acted like that when I was younger and when called on it I would resentfully swear that I loved her and tell her to "stop tring to manipulate me into something I'm not." I didn't realize that the thing I was not was emotionally mature - or in love.

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