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11/15/2005 9:40 pm

thought about you after you left chat to go to bed..I wanted
to be there with you...So I turned off the computer took
my blanket and climbed in the chair to take a nap..I was so
tired from my lack of sleep but all I wanted to do was imagine
you lying in your bed..me silently curled up in a corner
chair watching you sleep seeing your chest rise and fall
with your contented breathing..your arm flung carelessly
about your side..Your face looked so peaceful your lips
full and soft.. I wanted to touch your face kiss your lips
feel your arms encircling me holding me close.. I closed
my eyes and drifted off.. you came to me in my dreams .. You
called my name inviting me in your bed next to you..I walk
over..raising up you stop me telling me you want to feel
my skin on yours as you reach up to remove my shirt..then
pull back the covers to allow me in.. your naked..my eyes
take in all of you..your thighs your legs your cock half
erect.. you are a gorgeous sight as I slide in next to you...
you immediately pull me into your arms.. kissing me softly..your
tongue dancing across my lips begging me to let you in..
you taste sweet..my mouth pulls you in..my hands run up
and across your back squeezing feeling your muscles..I
look at you and whisper you should be sleeping..you smile
and kiss my neck your tongue tracing my throat sucking lightly..
you pause to look at me and say I dont wanna sleep I just wanna
touch you..you contine kissing my neck trailing down my
shoulders onto my chest your tongue licking my breasts
sucking my nipples you hand runs along the lenght of my body
pulling my knee up you caress my thigh.. I moan with contentment
I watch you touching me I take your face in my hands bringing
it up to my face I kiss you deep and long enjoying the feeling
of our mouths ..finally I pull away looking at you I sense
your are tired and whisper hold me while you sleep.. I kiss
your forhead and snuggle up against you..drifting off
you mummer in my ear the 1st thing you want to do upon waking
is to make love to me.. I smile contently in knowing I will
not be leaving your bed anytime soon too
bad it's just a dream..hoping someday it can become
a reality..
©2004 Synn74

orginally written 8/25/2004 and submitted to the magazine section ...

I welcome you to the House of Syn...

wcblueyes 44M

11/25/2005 12:29 pm

Naughty... naughty... hehehe

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