Synn74 42F
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11/10/2005 4:38 pm

I'm restless can't sleep
in his arms is where I long to be
is it a long distance love affair
or perhaps just a crazy crush
but when I think of his eyes and words
it becomes a powerful rush

I hear a voice in my head
wishful thinking of him here
in my bed

Eyes widen in excited fear
realizing he's here
quickly pulling him close
knowing he's not just a ghost

His lips warm and soft
his touch gental and rough
just want to hold him
is it asking too much

Does he know
does he feel
the moment at hand
feels all so real

Dreams of his lips on mine
the feeling of the moment
and it's connection
between two souls
uniting into one..

Later as I watch him sleep
knowing this is the date I have so waited for
he is here beside me slumbering deep
he is everything and so much more...
Anxious to feel utterly complete

Not exactly the date I would have planned
but then again
I could be falling for this beautiful man....

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