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1/14/2006 4:16 pm

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Channel "V"

Growing-up/Maturing as an American male, some of my first experiences in Intimacy were Myth- crushing, stereotype-busting Revelations, which led me to my new (& Current) deity, Venus.

It's not a complicated thing to 'Channel' Venus... ANY Woman who feels passion + enjoys her Sexual experiences is effectively tapping the source of All femininity, Lust & Erotic energy...
Just the act of Pleasing your woman is, in a way; Worshipping the essence of Sex.

I am a 29-year American guy who has Shared in some Amazing experiences with a few Amazing Women (or in 1 case; an Amazing woman AND her GF). It does not bother me that the # of partners I've had may be below Average because I KNOW that the depth & Intensity of those Shared moments exceeds any other sensations I've had in this world. It's not really even a 'Quality over Quantity' thing - I'd just rather get to know my Mate well & enjoy both Quantity AND Quality with HER!

'Bragging-rights'mean nothing to me. I'd much rather have the Trust & Respect of an intimate partner than the guys at the office. They're not the ones I'm interested in. Anyways, Some Relationships/ Encounters REQUIRE Complete discretion...

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