Some Future  

Sybilsgate1000 47F   
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11/12/2005 1:09 pm

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Some Future

I wish you were here now.....sliding up behind me quietly........slip a blindfold on me .....brushing my hair back....whispering in my ear ...telling me how I affect you....the backs of your fingertips barely tracing little circles on my shoulders.....then moving along my arms.....gently lifting both arms up until my hands are touching way above my whisper to me relax ....and let myself go....leave it all to you . I can barely feel the tips of your fingers as they descend the length of me .....slowly moving down , then up , up my arms and them to my wrists, and I feel something slipping around them, binding them together. Just tight enough . I feel them pulling me , and I have to step up on my toes a little. I can feel you circle me , I cannot see but I can hear your breath and the squeak of the floor. Brief , light touches , on my arm , my face., my neck. I feel a finger slide beneath the strap of my top and you whisper again on the opposite side, telling me how your going to take care of me, provide everything for me. I not only feel your breath on my ear....but your lips are so close they actually brush my ear slightly. I am so focused on the touch of your lips , I dont even realize that youve already pulled the strap off my shoulder. You remind me again that I will simply submit myself to you completely , Ive given over control, yet inexorably , I still direct your thoughts , your fantasies ...your worship of me... Your mouth touches the back of my neck , you push my hair further aside tell me of the ages youve waited for this moment and I feel the top of your tongue touch my neck the other shoulder strap tell me I'll never want for anything tell me that all will be given to me ...but I have to wait for it . The backs of your fingertips travelling again...this time along the sides of my breasts slowly , back and forth , you spin me slightly and I realize that i am still on my toes...until this moment I had forgotten...immersed in the moment ...the sensations....I must be facing you now , but I cant know for sure , until the touch of your lips confirms it, below my chin...moving down my neck....your hand holding my face , your thumb runs along my lower lip...then mouth tongue trying to capture your thumb..and you let me chase it a moment you kiss further down ....the moment I suck your thumb into my mouth, I also feel yours on my nipple ...gently kissing almost too light to feel but the hardnees shows you that I do feel ...I try to stretch up on my toes more if to feed my nipple to you ...and you pull back ...only close enough to blow gently on the moistened flesh ..I feel the chill from head to toe shiver then I feel your hands at my waist ...un button ...unzip and your hand plunges inside..." are you in a hurry " you ask ....that will never do ...and in one motion ,,you pull off my jeans........ standing nearly naked ...only wearing my top, but it has slid down to my hips , I feel your hands at my ankle ...doing something , at least I think it is you... my ankle ...but Im not sure......something around it now....a cuff of some kind now my ankle is pulled .......opening my legs..wider still...another cuff ..tight.....almost hurting , but somehow feeling good feeling , right , like it belongs there and always has....there must be something between the cuffs ...a bar or a board..something that wont allow my legs to close .....I feel myself open to you..unable to resist the delicious helplessnessness of it all , I feel random touches , my thigh , my face, I can tell they are loving caresses , and yet commanding ones...a slight sense of panic , and yet , I cannot escape the fact that I am getting moist . And you can smell me ...Ah that wonderful signal that I am ready to surrender completely , yes and I want to be taken , want to be consumed by your passoin ...a passion whose heat is last , your fingers touching between my legs ...gently stroking ...causing my breath to catch in my throat ..I hear you tell me that I am yours to worship completely , your lips close to my ear..".you are mine".......I realize that I can feel your naked body against mine......I have no idea when or how your cloths came off and I dont really care any more.....all I want is to feel your passoin .....feel the heat from you.....your touch almost burns with heat...You tell me that I am your goddess and you have come to kneel and worship...worship me with your mouth....your tongue and I feel the tip of your tongue brush my lips . sweet swollen lips......I am completely open to you ...wanting the worship you have for me......I feel your tongue push inside me ,slowly I feel my arms being pullled upward ...upward..and my toes leave the floor......the delicious ache of my body stretched so wonderfully ...still up ward and I hear you stand and I feel your head between my thighs and my legs slightly resting on your shoulders , arms tight and your tongue inside me head rocks back , hair flowing ....and I feel your mouth ..worshipping me ...

rm_prapaddy 43M
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11/12/2005 4:19 pm

hey babe, that was beautifull. i got my pants wet really. wish it was me with you hunn.

jonnyhot4unow 35M
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11/13/2005 5:47 am

o babe ........i got such a horn now after reading that...wish that was my tongue inside you .........c ya jonny..........

riderhdguy 66M

12/30/2005 10:03 am

A truely hot story, it got the results you must have had in mind, I had a hell of a cum from both reading and looking, looking froward to more, Rob

zoomzoom98xxx 58M

7/17/2006 11:54 pm

Very nicely done. I so want to learn more about you.

niceguy311973 43M
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2/21/2011 10:53 pm

wow i love your writing your awsome got me so energized to fuck like i have never befor . awsome you rock!!!!!!!!

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