Where this going? I bet your'e wondering.....  

Sxyrina76 40F
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9/22/2005 11:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where this going? I bet your'e wondering.....

I'd say I'm a funloving,genuine person.I hold sex and fun very high on my priorities list. Matter of fact higher even.But never would that fun and fucking(or anything for that matter)be at someone elses expense. I'm 29, and my bf has slept around on me for alittle while now. And well, that would be cool if, we could have an open relationship. He won't have it.Well, I will.Just wanna have fun,fuck,be wanted and desired.And while we both love eachother. As they say, "What's good for the goose..." What do you think? What's fair is fair right?
Where I stand on the subject is you don't cheat on someone who is loyal, honest, and faithful to you.... "Be real,be you,nobody can find fault in that."

BIG9216213047 36M

9/23/2005 2:20 am

so ok, u wanna play? coz in ur thoughts ur bf is playing around? hmmm... get in touched

rm_Deanobaby2 40M
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9/23/2005 6:53 am

Hey there!. Don't do it out of vengeance, but rather out of a sense of self. Do it for yourself, for your own enjoyment rather than, if that bastard can then I can too. It may get you more of the fun as well as the fucking. Ditch him and use this site to expand your horizons. From the looks of your photo (better than mine- but then I am an ugly s.o.b.) you wont take long to see lots of interest. Have fun and relax, it's not as scary as you think!

rm_4UI8U 55M
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9/23/2005 7:45 am

sounds to me like your bf is cheating on himself. why would he go out for a burger when he has filet mignon at home? you sound like a very loving, caring person that deserves something better off the menu. You are right, when the bond of love has been broken, why not?

Sxyrina76 40F

9/26/2005 3:20 am

Thanks so much fellas for your input. Might sound crazy but, I actually learned alot. As this started it was out of "Getting Mine", but realized.How much fun is that? Now that I've gotten over my,"I can change him" scene, and accepted it for what it is.And yes, I wanna live and enjoy some good cock.

dufesseur 48M

9/26/2005 5:44 am

Good Girl!

rm_Tiofella 40M

10/7/2005 3:22 am

If we were all able to separate our emotions from the physical, an open relationship would be the status quo. However, there is alot to say about love and what comprises it. First, it begins with physical attraction, creating the desire, or lust, that dominates us entirely. Second, emotional connections develop, creating the need for our mates to be loyal to us. What we must consider is that we are intelligent, compassionate beings who have created expectations of sexuality; involving religion etc. etc. etc.

Sex is the ultimate culmination of existence. It is a sacred act because it is when two humans, of two opposite sexes, unite physically and experience what true harmony feels like. Emotions will develop because they are the direct result of both people manifesting the divine. Basically, fucking is talking to god.

Eventually, we find people that are completely copacetic to our life's need... Economic, emotional, physical, et. al... To have an open relationship is to completely trust the bond that exists in your primary relationship, knowing in your heart that that soul is a perfect harmony to yours. That way, other physical relationships that develop will not compromise the bond, or love you have. Now, that is not to say the other physical relationships will remain shallow. Ideally, a sexual relationship is only as good as the chemistry and it takes a strong, complex and intelligent individual to maintain an open relationship while exploring someone outside of the primary bond.

Basically, having a successful open relationship is dependen upon trust and trust develops with total honesty, so communication is essential. Love is a beautifully scary thing, and is usually associated with alot of pain. Open relationships with love involved, enable you to explore your emotions and the very depths of the human soul because you create a bond of substantial significance that isn't dependent on one persons heart and personality. It allows you to grow personally, and get your thrills without destroying the bond already developed with a significant other.


Sxyrina76 40F

10/8/2005 1:01 am

You know as friendship developes into something more, of course, expectations develope. Naturally,right. The chance I take in having this be an open relationship is that I will meet somebody else who WILL be loyal. I just as soon brake up if I'm gonna sleep around.You know and enjoy being single. We however can't walk away from eachother though. It hurts too bad. So what this will do is help us to pull away from eachother. Don't know if it's a good or bad thing.Well feels bad. Life is what it is I guess. I'm gonna just live each day ya know. Thanks for your comments.Corina

rm_nash_Concord 38M
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10/14/2005 12:06 pm

What's up, Mijs? I went through something simular, but I wasn't going to play the whole....eye for a eye thing, I had my reasons. But I wish now that I did cause I think about what could have cum out of my adventures with different people!! Like they say: "If I knew then what I now, now! Anywayz, enough about that, we are close, Hit me up sometime.........

gearjammer413 45M

10/17/2005 6:36 pm

Corina,Its easy from the outside looking in 2 say later and be on with your life. Cheating feels bad bcuz it is. You are only cheating yourself. And if you really have a heart and are a good moral woman as you seem , you will regret it forever. You will alllllways wonder what if I didnt.... But nonetheless I still wanna hook up . If you wanna talk , I have ears ,If you wanna play , lets play ,

asnack2005 50

10/22/2005 5:14 pm

Sounds like you were hurt pretty deeply. I'm monogamous by nature so to cheat for me is a stretch of my character.If I can offer you this perspective. If I was in your boyfriends place and I cheated on you and you let me do it and come back then I would stay with you until I found what I was looking for again. If he didn't come back with a ring for you and a new car then he is just counting the days until he can leave. Don't let him count them in your bed. To the curb! There are plenty of guys that would give you the respect that you deserve. Just being honest.

Sxyrina76 40F

10/24/2005 7:25 pm

So true, so true. It hurts so bad though.....And by doing the same all it's done is lowered to his standards. An now, I'm no better. And I feel nothing but guilt. And his conscious is clean. Your right, he'll do this as long as I accept it. Thank for the insight....Corina

harddayknight 59M
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11/6/2005 9:46 am

Sorry that you're hurting. I have had something happen in my marriage (not the same as in your relationship) that has caused it to end. It hurts more than I can say. I am a loyal and monogamous partner. I believe in keeping agreements, whatever they are, and if someone wants to change an agreement, then that person must bring it to the table and renegotiate, not take advantage of the other person and conceal the truth. If two people can agree to having a sexually open relationship, and clearly communicate and define the parameters, then that is wonderful. It does not sound to me like that is what happened in your relationship. Trust is not easy, and integrity is paramount. Happy to be in touch with you more. I'm new to this, and I'm a standard member, so I don't know how I can get in touch with people.

wantyou2bewet 57M  
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11/10/2005 6:23 am

Don't cheat on him have him watch you get pleasure from another. do it in a same room swap situation it will remind him of the good things.You know you care for him and he won't want to chance losing you to another. he'll be all over you in a matter of hours loving you like never before. He'll see by example you can be open

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