Lost in lust part two  

SxyHoneybee69 35F
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5/29/2006 7:30 am
Lost in lust part two

The work day was over, finally. I couldn't look at my fellow employee in the eyes after lunch. I hurried out of the building when i heard my name being shouted from the lobby of the building. I turned around and saw Angela yelling at me to stop. When she reached me she told me that there was this rumor going around the office that I was caught in the middle of doing something with another co-worker in the lounge. I obviously couldnt lie to her, she could read me like a book. She giggled and asked if it was good. I laughed and said didnt get to far before someone interrupted us. Then she suggested we go out tonight. Of course it was the weekend so i said sure why not. I went home made supper and finally figured out what outfit i was gonna wear that night. I had decided on my mini skirt and halter top. I got dressed and waited for Angela to show up. When she did we looked like twins cause she decided to wear a mini and a halter top as well. Angela had the most amazing legs, they seemed to go up forever and her suptle breast were perfect. She had a body that every woman wanted as well as every man.

We called for a cab. When we got to the club the driver told us to nevermind the fare. To show our appreciation we both kissed him on the cheek on the way out. He was blushing. The bouncer saw us and let us in right away, since we were regulars at the club. We scoped out the men in the club when we finally finished walking around, we headed straight for the bar. It was a busy night so we had some waiting to do. As i was waiting they played a song that i loved. I started to sway to the music and felt someone hands on my hips grinding behind me. I couldnt believe it, last night, today at work and now here at the club. Angela turned around and gave me an approving glance. So i trusted her judgement and continued to grind this stranger. As i was grinding him i felt something swell within his pants. I turned around smiling and smiled even more. To my shock it was an old friend of ours from Highschool. I havent seen him in two years. Raph looked damn good. As I hugged him he squeezed my butt, and gave a sly grin.

Angela, Raph and I got onto the dance floor and danced all night. Near the end of the night most of the club was empty. Since we knew the owners they let us party a bit longer than others. We often sat and chatted for a bit with them. On other nights the owners would let about fifty close friends stay behind for an after party. We would drink and dance till sunrise. Tonight was one of those nights. I walked into the backroom to go get my jacket cause i was getting tired and was about to leave when i heard footsteps behind me. It was dark so i couldn't see anyone. I dismissed the footsteps, thinking it was someone else who was getting their jacket to go home. I spoke up and said " hello anyone there?" No one answered figured they left when i heard the door close. Walking in the dark room I bumped into a pole. All the years that i have been coming here i never knew the backroom had a pole in the middle of the floor. But as i was feeling my way around I felt a pair of hands upon my ass. I stood straight up and my back was to the pole. Felt the hands go up and down my arms. Got shivers as the hands tied my hands behind my back, to the pole. My eyes started to recover from the darkness i could see a shadow. Couldn't make out who it was that was in the room with me. I felt my panties being slipped off. Then a hand slowly teasing its way up to my inner thighs. Moaning louder the stranger placed a gag into my mouth to muffle the sound, as the stranger tied it i felt myself moisten up. Then all of a sudden the stranger was gone and i was still tied up to the pole.

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