Lost in lust part four  

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5/29/2006 7:34 am
Lost in lust part four

All week at work was hectic, Angela seemed to ignore me. I was wondering why and last weekend popped into my head. I caught her before she left the office on friday afternoon. She was reluctant to tell me. Finally she came around and told me that she had never done that before. That she wasn't sure how she would react if i had brought it up at work. I advised her that my personal life and professional life is totally seperate except for that one time in the lounge. Which i have never seen that guy again. So i have no clue who he is. That night i went to the grocery store to pick up some supplies for tomorrow nights dinner. While i was there i bumped into Raph. Was surprised to see him there. Ever since i known him he wasnt one to go grocery shopping. But he wasn't alone, he had another woman with him. He looked surprised to see me too cause when he tried to introduce us he couldnt remember my name. The woman introduced herself as Raph's wife. I was stunned and Raph must have noticed my facial expression cause he brought his eye down to the floor. I introduced myself as an old friend from high school. His wife was pretty petite blonde, very bubbly. As i said my goodbyes and turned down the next aisle. I got to the end of the aisle and heard Raph whisper in my ear that he was sorry he should have told me, but when he saw me at the club he didnt have the nerve to. I told him to forget it, it wasn't a problem. I walked away from Raph, I heard him sigh.

I left the grocery store and called Angela on my cell and asked her if she knew about Raph being married. She told me that she didn't know until today when he called her at the office. Raph had asked how I was that week at work. Angela told him that i was normal, whatever that would mean. I giggled when she said that. And i confirmed our dinner date tomorrow night. I told her that i wasnt sure if Raph would make it now that we know he is married. But that she was still welcomed to come over for dinner. She agreed and said she would be there around 6pm.

I got home and I started to put the groceries away when i saw my answering machine light lit up. Pressed play and heard Raph's voice on the machine. He said that he was sorry that he didnt tell me and that he would still make it tonight, but he would be late. He would be around 10 or 11pm. Surprisingly i was giddy at the fact that he still would be coming over. I went to take a long hot shower. I made sure to lock the doors and check the rooms before i undressed to get into the shower. As i got in the shower it felt so good for the water to hit my skin and run down over my breast. I started playing with myself. I grabbed the removable shower head and placed it over my pussy. Changed the setting. It felt so good i could feel my juices flowing down my leg and into the drain. As i was about to climax, I heard the phone ring. Something inside me told me not to ignore this call.

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7/3/2006 9:22 pm

Your stories are very captivating, keep them coming (and thanks).

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