Who's ya daddy?!  

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2/14/2006 1:59 pm

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Who's ya daddy?!

The other day I was writing a letter to my dead grandmother.. and I realised that I actually didnt even know who she was..

I knew she was grumpy, cynical, pessimistic and hated men.. I knew she had a big black hairy mole on her chin.. I knew she'd been in a Japanese prisoner camp.. I knew she's like uncle scrooge, even when she was already old and wouldnt obviously have many rainy days ahead anymore, she kept saving for them..
Well and there's lots of other little things I know about her.
But I actually didnt know who she was.. I still don't.. I haven't even consciously been around for more than 20% of her life. She's told me a couple of stories, but that were just a few.. and she kept repeating the same stories.. Not a new story every time.. While I know there were more.. There must have been.. Lots of stories to be made in 84 years..

And sometimes I realize.. one day my parents will die as well. I don't want them to die before they've told me all their stories!! I want the stories.. the good ones and the bad ones..
I know they arent very adventurous people.. and they haven't lived a very exciting life.. But it's the little stories I wanna hear.. I love stories!!

Like the one about my mom.. and Love Story. Love Story is this ancient movie. When it first came out it was a big hit. And my parents went to watch it.. And somewhere during the movie my mom started sobbing.. softly at first.. but then the girl in the movie died and my mom was crying out (very) loud, while my dad attempted to sink into his chair.. Hahaha I love that story!! Hahaha I love it even more after I watched the movie myself to see what all the fuss was about (it didn't make a big impression on me though)..

Or that one story my dad took my mother to a Soft Machine concert.. Those were Not So Soft Machines.. Lots and lots of noise and my mom hated that kind of music. She was the sweet Mowtown Lover.. lol and she fell asleep! While drums and guitars and screaming voices were making lots and lots of noise, she fell asleep! I love that story too

And then today.. My dad comes home with a dvd. A Deep Purple dvd. Of course I have heard this name before.. Deep Purple.. Didn't have a clue what kind of music it was.. But I remember when I was at school -- I was part of the 'alternative'-scene. I was in the group with the boys with long hair, they were wearing army boots and smoking joints.. and the music was loud and noisy. And my dad used to yell upstairs to have me turn down the music.. noise.. ("You call that music?!?!" ).. Oh my God.. and now he shows me Deep Purple..
Holy Moly! My noise wasn't half as noisy as his noise!! I laughed my head off!! They looked like they walked right out of the Muppetshow!!! .. And the 'music'.. It sounds like a huge-ass closet full of dishware toed behind a car driving a bumpy road!!
Led Zeppelin, Soft Machine, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Steam Hammer.. he's been there.. My dad the music man.. I stole my Jimi Hendrix cd's from his cd collection.. For hours we watched The Doors dvd's together.. and I could handle it.. I loved it.. hahaha male bonding with my dad.. And someone even showed me the beauty of a couple of Led Zeppelin songs not long ago..
But then comes Deep Purple.. and I'm watching my dad.. he's getting older.. i see definately more gray in his hair than the original color.. he's got a little daddy belly.. hahahaha and he's playing the air-guitar and head-banging on his chique suede sofa..

Gotta love it!

Note the picture!! That's my mom & dad Talk about Austin Powers!

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