Tree Sisters..  

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3/18/2006 10:54 pm

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Tree Sisters..

Introduction to a Greek Family..

Oh my gosh.. what a ride!!

1 set of Very Greek parents
3 Greek sisters
1 Greek brother


Dear Lord!!
I thought TitWiggle was a handfull! Meet the sisters!! They're all complete stunners!! Beautiful eyes, long thick black hair, gorgeous bodies and big huge smiles.. Absolutely gorgeous!!

But.. Dear Lord!!!
At first I was envious.. having so many sisters and such a f*cking HOT brother.. It was all so Godfather-like to me!

Godfather is one of my absolute favourite movies in the world.. not in the last place cuz I love the family-thing those Southern European families got going on.. I'm really oldfashioned concerning those things and I love it when the man's in charge of the family and the woman takes care of the household and the children. The men in the family protect eveyone's honor and pity the man that dares to say something bad about the brother's sister!!!
I Love that!! I always wanted a family just like that. My man to be protective over me and his children.. My son to be protective over his little sister.. everyone taking care of everyone and big huge family dinners in my garden full of roses on the sunday afternoons!! *sigh*.. yeah.. I'll be taking care of the laundry and the cooking and the children while my man goes out and earns his money to feed us..

But I'm here.. In a Godfather-like family.. but its not all as rosey as I pictured things.. The older sister doesnt talk (at all) with the brother. The brother is Very Old Fashioned and thinks he's above all his sisters just cuz he's the male.. The sisters have (very LOUD) arguments all the time.. The kids are in charge of the mother.. The grandparents break their backs helping out their kids in the shop/watching the grandchildren/taking care of their own children.. Cuz of the way things are.. the son (28.) is still living at home.. and the oldest daughter (33) moved back in as well.. Living the good life.. They pay no rent.. they don't help the parents out and when she wants tea she just has to call upstairs and mother will put the kettle on.

They're all very extremely friendly towards me though.. a guest is a Guest and they make me feel like I'm a queen or some other important royalty.. Meanwhile each of them takes their time apart with me to make sure they make me understand what the others are really like..

Gawddd last night we went out to Melbourne.. I was Very Impressed by the coolness of the bar they took me to.. and the beauty of the people who were in there.. I felt like I stepped into a scene of Sex and the City.. There we were.. 5 single beautiful dressed up women ready to have some fun! I had so much to look at! The bar was so fancy and beautiful! And the cocktails were very good! The men were scarce but extremely handsome!! *droooool*.. and it was all very nice..
I felt like a giant though.. cuz all those Greek girlies are tiny!! I was like a head taller than all of them.. and they were all wearing stilleto's while I had flat shoes.. Luckily next time Cleo is coming with us and she's tall as well.. (though I never really saw myself as being tall)..

Anyway.. after the one club we went to the other.. Hahaha that was different.. It was packed with black men and different coloured women (asians, greeks, whites) and the girls weren't very much into the music and the atmosphere of the club.. I have to admit that black men aren't really my thing (but the guys in here.. ooOo .. Yum!), but the music was nice and here and there were some attractive men walking around..
Well anyway.. to make a long story somewhat shorter.. finally we were all ready to leave, so my friend says: Ok, we're gonna go now..
And right as we're all heading to the exit, the older sister strays and walks to some (very HOT guy sitting very relaxed and very sexy in some lounge chair) and starts chatting him up.. The other two were already outside and my friend and I waited by the door for a couple of minutes... But my friend is about to explode and tells me how the older sister Always does that. For hours we'd been in that club and she'd had a chance to chat up that guy.. and right when we're leaving she jumps him.. So my friend walks up to her, says something and then marches out of the club to her car.. The three of us tried to keep up and finally I caught up with her, while the other two were waiting for the older sister..

My friend and I got in the car, she started it and we were waiting for the rest of them to get in.. As soon as the older sister got in the car and closed her door it started. Oh My God! I have never experienced something sO emberrassing! She exploded! She litterally exploded! She was screaming her head off to her sister!! Fcuk this and fcuking that- you fcuking immature child bla bla bla.. oh my god she was yelling so loud I thought my eardrums were gonna pop! And in front of guests and strangers as well!!

I mean.. I'd seen my friend raise her voice a couple of times before.. Get Angry and loose it... But this was unheard of!! I couldnt believe what was going on! And what women in her right mind would act like that in front of guests? To the girl she'd got a ride home from as well!!! .. Unbelievable!
And now I sit here, hiding with the curtains closed cuz my friend said I'm not to let her in when she decides to walk by..

I'm just wondering if this is all normal family procedure or if it's coincidentally happening when I'm here (this wasnt the first incident since I got here and most probably wont be the last either)..

I'm gonna get some sun and read my book..
I'll check in again soon!


massagekoning 44M

3/19/2006 7:24 am

quote:"And in front of guests and strangers as well!!"

oh well... i guess you are already past the stage of 'guest' and they already consider you part of the family... just look at it as a compliment

SxyCrazyCool 38F

3/29/2006 7:17 pm

~*~ Wietze- Ja tot nu toe I can still stand it.. Moet wel erg leren om mn woorden in te slikken enzo.. Kijken hoe het verder zal aflopen

~*~ Massagekoning- Hey baby, long time no talk.. Alles kits achter de rits? Ik dacht vannacht nog aan je.. Waar is je fotootje gebleven? *kussss*

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