The Lady is a Man!  

SxyCrazyCool 38F
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3/29/2006 7:02 pm

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4/21/2006 11:35 pm

The Lady is a Man!

This girl is almost unbelievable! I've had a friend before with a high sexdrive.. I know I have one too.. but My BigTitted Friend takes the cake..

The other day SexGuy came by to honour us with his presence once again.. It was a great evening.. although perhaps we shouldnt have drank as much as we did. She's got a liquor-collection I've not yet seen before in anyone's house. You name it, she'll make it.. He drank Bourbon/Coke, she drank Gin/Tonic I drank Vodka/Lime.. and we all drank too much..
Hahaha after a while we went to sit outside on her bistro-like terrace (the only romantic place in her house -- man she's got a bachelor-pad! Apart from the walk-in closet with the skimpiest dresses u can imagine, stilleto heels with diamonds & pearls on them, and the make-up in the bathroom, there isnt anything in the house that points out a female lives in it. The living room has 1 sofa (grey suede) and 1 table with a few pictures and in the corner by the fireplace there's a pile of hifi-stuff, huge speakers and a bigass flatscreen tv. Oh, and 1 plant. Thats it..) and mr SexGuy started a game of truth or dare..
I couldnt believe it. My friend said 'what? r we back in highschool now?' but she was tipsy enough to play. I told him no good comes out of these games. There's an image of a friend of mine burnt into my memory: She's on the bed on her back, one guy beneath her penetrating her from behind, one on top of her; one guy left from her with his dick in her mouth; one guy right from her with his dick in her hands ==> result of a game of truth or dare..
Hahaha of course that story made him only more eager to play.. and we played.. and it sorta got out of hand.. No sex was involved, but at one point his penis was in my hand.. at some other point my boobs were in his face.. at some other point -- well.. never mind it all.. No one had sex.. hahahaha apart from my friend (with herself, in her bedroom)-- lol that's what I meant! She's out of control! It was just a game and okay, things got hot and if there were different players who knows what might have happened, but I can control myself even when I'm in heat.. She just walks out on us to go masturbate while we continue playing!

She says more often than once she wakes up in the morning cuz she's having a wet dream/orgasm.. What woman wakes up having an orgasm?! Have u ever heard of that? She's horny 24/7 and she can climax within minutes (seconds?) whenever she wants to.. She's like -- Walking Sex!
There were times that I thought that I had a sex-problem (before last summer).. Sometimes I'd have 4 different men in 1 weekend and I'd still not be satisfied.. I'd have to relieve myself in the bathroom at work to be able to concentrate again.. But that's just peanuts compared to miss TitWiggle!
And in her reasoning she's very masculine as well.. She can discart people like a player discarts his women.. She doesnt seem to have very much feelings (apart from the angry/bitchy ones)and if she does she's unable to express them. She doesnt ever want to get married, she's got no motherly feelings whatsoever and apart from her curves and the way she dresses there's not much feminine about her.. There aren't a lot of people she can tolerate..
Sometimes I wonder what she sees in me.. why am I so special?

She has this sort of shrine with pictures of family and friends.. And between her sisters, her nephews, her few friends there's me.. and me.. and me.. I look at it and wonder what makes me so different that she can tolerate me? So different that she even wants me to stay with her for a whole year? I said to her that if we were to make a decision like that, we have to think it over very carefully. I said things are going well now, but I've only been here for 3 weeks orso.. I've lived together with people before.. and in the beginning its always fun and things go well as long as there's no friction.. but after some time always something goes wrong. And it spoils friendships. I've had it spoil one of my dearest friendships..
There isnt much I can't take. And if her friends/family knew the shit that she's done to me they'd turn their backs against her. They see me as this little sweet angel, so adorable and innocent and sweet.. And she's hurt me pretty bad. If I were Greek I'd never speak to her again. She's lucky I'm not Greek.. But what's in the past is in the past. I've learnt and I know now how far I can trust her. Maybe that's why it surprises me that I mean so much to her. I still have her at a safe distance. I don't trust people and I don't let them into my safe circle. I hate it that I've become this way, but the hurt is so intense that I don't want to deal with that anymore..

I used to be a 100% kind of person. When I am in love I'm in it 100%, when I'm happy or enjoying or horny, I'm in it 100%.. all the way.. But because I did like this I also used to hurt 100% when something went wrong.. The more intense the happiness, the more intense the hurt.. And I am a big fat coward, because I have sealed off my safe circle..

Anyway.. this post is getting too long and I need to go walk the tredmill.. If not I'll be typing here still after the sun went down..

Have a nice day


rm_vaihtelu1969 48M
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3/30/2006 3:00 am

You're a total typing machine....

Although a very sexy typing machine

-Vaihtelu1969 to spice you up-

dutchpete 54M
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3/30/2006 4:16 am

Isn't yr tredmill able to do the typing ? Is easier to combine them, and makes post even longer.

How wide is yr safe circle ?

SxyCrazyCool 38F

3/30/2006 6:17 pm

~*~ Vaihtelu- Oi! I just now notice that I've been spelling your name incorrectly! I apologize
Hahaha And yes.. I type away the words straight from my brain onto the screen.. Glad I can type with all my fingers and no watching!

~*~ dutchpete- Whehe No, the tredmill just improves my condition and made sure I lost 5 kgs since I got here
My safe-circle is almost wide enough for me to stretch my arms in.. I think it reaches until about half way my underarm.. why?

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