New Year's Eve..  

SxyCrazyCool 38F
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11/26/2005 7:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New Year's Eve..

For the first time in my life I already know more than a month ahead what to do on New Year's Eve..

Usually, even on the day before, I still don't know what to do.. And this year it all fell perfectly into place

Just before I was browsing tons of website's on the search for the perfect evening gown.. I haven't got a clue where to look cuz I've never been to a Gala before. All the site that come up in google have a lot of prom dresses in them. In Holland we don't do the prom thing. I understand it's a very heavy tradition in the US, but I think Dutch people are too down to earth to be really glamourous..

I was looking at all those dresses and I felt like a princess! Hahaha just looking at all the beauty gets my fantasies wandering off..

It started in the chatroom here on this site.. I dont remember the subject, but then I said that I had never in my life seen a man in a tuxedo up close & personal.. Just only in the movies or on pictures 'n stuffz.. And I want a man in a tuxedo. Hahaha so everyone volunteered of course, but this one guy told me about a party he'd been to a year ago, where there were plenty of men in tuxedo's.. So we more or less made this deal that he was gonna take me to that party wearing a tuxedo.. It was sort of just for fun (to me), but I did consider it. Would be a hoot to celebrate New Years Eve with a complete stranger! So I kept it in the back of my mind and I was chewing on it.. Would be so cool to go to a Gala with everyone dressed up and lots of Glitter (I love everything shiney!) en lots of men in tuxedo.. yeahh!! I was a little bit reluctant though cuz I'd never even met him and he could as well be a creep orso, ya never know..

But then this week I'm at work and my g/f sends me mail to ask if I wanna come with her to this fabulous Glitter & Glamour party at New Years Eve.. She described it and I got really enthusiastic, but then I told her that I have more or less an appointment to go to another New Years Eve thingie with a man in a tuxedo.. What party she asks. And I tell her the name of the party and then it turns out to be exactly the same party!! YAYYYY!!! So now I'm going to a Glitter & Glamour Gala on New Year's Eve and I'm soooo excited!!

I'm trying to put together a nice outfit, cuz I want it really to be special .. But then I realized, if I wear a fancyschmancy dress, real elegant and feminine.. I can't wear my sneakers underneath!!! :'( .. and how can I dance till dawn in high heels?! .. I need sneakers. If not; I'll be sitting by the side of the dancefloor all evening! So now I'm designing my own pair of pants and my aunt will have them made for me in Malaysia and bring them over when she comes here with Christmas!! Ooo I'm so excited!! It's gonna be black with silver and lots of glitter
When I finished my drawing of it i'll post the pic up here

And tonight it's party time as well. A friend of mine knows this guy who organizes secret parties. They're sort of illegal and they don't reveal the location until the day of the party so nothing can leak out.. Been to lotsa cool places with him and tonight there'll be a party in The Hague somewhere . These sorts of parties are usually visited by the more alterntive crowd, artistic ppl and uhmm squaters (?? ppl that (illegally) move into empty houses), dreadlocks and arafat-sjawls.. Lots of drugs as well.. That's too bad, but as long as I'm having fun it's fine by me..

HedonisticGuy69 46M
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11/27/2005 4:59 pm

Sounds very ravelike. I would like to hear how your evening went.
The best parties I have been to for New Year's have been raves.
I have been to formal, stuffy New Year's parties as well as informal house parties and everything in between, but the best and most memorable have been raves for all the hours of dancing, interaction with people who let their guards down (likely because of mind altering substances but if that's what it takes for some) was and is always refreshing.
Sounds like you will have a lot of fun, mayhaps you will post pics of this outing.

SxyCrazyCool 38F

11/28/2005 2:54 pm

Well.. I've seen the pictures of last saturday and they are crappy, cuz whomever was holding the camera used flash everytime he pressed the button.
This while actually the charm of these pictures is the decorations.. Of course the people and the music add to the atmosphere, but it's the decorations that make you believe that you are in a fairytale forest or something like that.
The Goa-scene actually isnt really my thing. The people aren't 'my kind of people' and the abundancy of drug-use certainly isnt my thing.. But the fairy-tale aspect really is my thing.. So I'll show you the best one I have attended sofar.. It was the biggest one as well and it was crashed (?) by the police before it was supposed to end.. Hahahaha big sensation because I went out to get something from the car and the whole entrancegate was blocked by Military Police and dogs!! Dozens of Police vans and men with helmets were waiting outside the gate.. Hahaha I scared and ran back in and about half an hour later the dj stopped the music and we were kindly requested to leave the premises.. But it was a blast as long as it lasted anyways For pictures you can go to

SxyCrazyCool 38F

11/29/2005 12:31 pm

Ohw .. oops.. that didnt quite work!! I'll go see if i can send you an e-mail with the pictures on them.. if not you're gonna have to send me one if you wanna see them

dicky385 50M

12/1/2005 5:40 pm

Laat ik je ff geruststellen, meisje....ik ben geen engerd hoor...tenminste dat heeft nog nooit iemand tegen me gezegt!!!
Ik heb echt geen 'foute'bedoelingen hoor....
Aanvankelijk was t voor mij ook gein, tot ik inderdaad ook dacht; waarom zou je dat niet es doen met nieuwjaar: op stap met een vreemde, ook om je te laten zien dat de extrema feesten niet extreem zijn, maar gewoon leuk , cool, en hip zal ik maar zeggen...
Al moet ik nu wel toegeven, nadat ik ook 3,5uur met je aan de telefoon heb gehangen, dat ik het gevoel heb dat t 'klikt'tussen ons, als vrienden.....en wat daar van komt zien we tegen die tijd wel!!
Ik zie je als een chatvriendin, al ben ik nu wel erg nieuwschierig naar je geworden....zeker als ik de foto's bekijk die je me hebt gestuurd!!!
Het is, vind ik , ook erg leuk dat ik je voor nieuwjaar al ontmoet, om mijn nieuwschierigheid te blussen en om kennis met je te maken...
Trouwes...ik ontdek vandaag pas wat een blog nou eindelijk inhoudt....was hier nog nooit eerder geweest.
Heb geinteresseerd je verhalen zitten lezen....ik wou dat ik me zo goed met woorden kon uiten, en t op papier zetten....petje af!
Bij t lezen van je tekst kon ik bijna voelen wat jij voelt....tja, op t maandelijkse probleem na dan.Al geloof ik wel dat wij mannen manstrueren....lijkt er wel een beetje op....geestelijk dan....
Potverdicky, mijn typevinger begint nou wel erg moe te worden....t nadeel van typen met 1 vinger!!!
Tis ook al laat...was pas om 00.00 thuis van m'n werk....
Zo schoonheid...ik ga pitten.
Hopelijk spreken we elkaar snel weer...dikke kus....Dicky...

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