Low Stakes Poker..  

SxyCrazyCool 38F
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8/19/2006 10:59 am

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8/25/2006 3:08 am

Low Stakes Poker..

You know what??

That whole thing with men... it's all like a game of Poker I reckon!
Just when u think all ur money went down the drain and ur just getting dealt shitty lousy hands.. BAMM! U get the rockets again and
suddenly the colors in the room seem brighter.. the air smells nicer and everyone seems more beautiful and happy!

Hahahaha too cool!
I was way depressed over that guy I met on here in december cuz I couldnt stand the fact that I fell in love with him (stupid as can be) and that it's completely entirely utterly hopeless.. Nothing more irritating and annoying and frustrating as a one-way love!

And during these holidays after long long talks with Bobflop and daydreams and thoughts and everything .. for a change I decided again: they're all just assholes!
And then, when the hope is low and the room seems dark.. there comes the rockets! .. When you least expect it! Hahaaa too funny!

I mean.. it's not like I found myself a boyfriend or anything..

This week was major Poker-week.. I got back from holidays and to prevent myself from having to check into rehab as soon as I was done sleeping I went over to Mr. BoogieWoogies for some nice games.. And there he was.. Mr CutiePie.. Hahaha oh my gosh he's sUch a cutie!!
We played and played and played and it was like a game of table tennis.. bam-bam-bam-bam we had sucha nice group of ppl with approximately the same level of skills and it was awesome! The deeper the night became, the more ppl slowly started dozing off.. and in the end it was just me and him left.. there's nothing cooler than playing someone who's a good challenge! Adrenaline-rush-galore! Too cool... and his eyes! My gawd his eyes.. haha my stomach goes upside down when he looks at me.. haha heartbeat double pace.. Combined with an excellent game.. what a Rush!!!

Anyway.. of course it's not gonna work out.. I don't know what the electricity is that I feel.. I don't know if I'm imagining or if it's real.. It's quite confusing cuz Mr BoogieWoogie sorta fixed us up but in a very nasty way..
On msn he told me about Mr CutiePie, that he was a dork, good enough for quite a nice game, but not good enough to get away with our money.. And he told Mr. CutiePie imma fat bitch, not very interesting, not very skilled either, but quite alright for a nice game..

Bitchass.. I wanted to punch his nose man! He even copy/pasted me what he wrote to Mr.CutiePie and he copy/pasted him what he wrote to me.. Weird as!! And then when the CutiePie after 2 days finally went home Mr BoogieWoogie wanted all the credit for fixing us up! My ASS!! He didnt fix us up.. there was some nice electricity maybe, but that wasn't due to his fixing.. and the boy is 23 ffs.. hahaha omg and sO cute! Adorably cute!.. Skinny as hell.. whahaha I'd eat him alive probably.. lol show him all the corners of the room.. But yeah... mannn how cute can a guy get?¿

Anddd I reckon in a year or 3.. 4.. he'll be ehhmm.. how to say.. The boyish part will be more just in his eyes than allover his body.. and he'll be DropDeadGorgeous!.. And how nice would it be to have a guy all fresh and unprejudiced about women? If he thinks he's a player I'll out play him cuz 23 y/o boys are no match for me.. if he's as cute as he looks he'll be all innocent and sweet.. inexperienced as well.. Which in one hand isnt nice cuz then I'll have to teach him.. but on the other hand.. I can teach him to do it just the way I like it

Well anyway.. all this is way ahead on scedule.. for now we're just sending supercute lil txt messages .. and at the moment he's prolly in a deep coma (after 11 hours of poker followed by 8 hr working day).. so let's see how this will develop


Oh yeah and I have a couple of blogs from the holidays but they're on Bobflop's laptop, so I'll paste those later.. if I can be fucked ;p

dutchpete 54M
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8/23/2006 7:37 am

should we hand a new deck of cards for you to play the best ever ?

SirMounts 102M

8/24/2006 4:27 pm

Well, they say you never really know anything, until you... teach it. *winking*

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