SxyCrazyCool 38F
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8/27/2006 5:03 am

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11/13/2006 7:40 am



WTF?!!? WTF!!!!

For fucks sake.

I don't know what to do. This afternoon I come back on my msn and one of my friends greeted me with my sXyCrazyCool nickname.
One of my friends that I can't name here because it turns out half the Gooi (area where I fuckin live, Gawd I'm so glad I'm moving out nxt week!) reads these f*cking blogs and so now I'm screwed.
I thought I was safe here to just barf out my MindVomit.. but appearantly not. I didn't disguise my friends well enough to let them remain anonymous. Now, I know I didnt say anything that I should be ashamed of cuz basically I don't really have any secrets. So whatever it is they read about me, I don't really care about. But for some people privacy is a big deal and I f*cked up. So now I've had to put several posts offline and I have to re-read everything I wrote to make sure I didnt mention them in any way they wouldn't appreciate.

Goddamnit I'm f*ckin pissed off hahaha and the only person who's to blame is myself. I always do this. I'm so f*ckin naive to think I was safe here. Why did I think I was safe here? Because I never saw anyone on the profiles that I recognized? Cuz none of them lurkers ever sent me any e-mail? Of course they wont.. just keep on writing sXy, we'll keep on reading. F*ckin goddamn sneaks.. (Yeah! You! You know who you are.. Thanx a Lot)..

*sigh*.. now I have to mind every word I write here and be carefull who and what I mention and the whole idea of my MindVomit is down the drain. So every post I make of the people that are close to me, the people that mean a lot to me and the people that are known by the people where I live, I'll have to hide it. Which sucks bigtime cuz I'm not writing a blog to hide my posts.. *CURSING LOUDLY*

Anyway I got work to do.. haha I'm glad I'm not one of those people with uncontrollable blog-fever, so I don't have to reread my 3 posts per day!


Huh?? My post was denied because I included an e-mail address?? I don't see any mail-address??

rm_vaihtelu1969 47M
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8/27/2006 12:37 pm

Some people are just sooooo losers!!!
Keep your head up high sweetie!


-just one Finnish dude-

-Vaihtelu1969 to spice you up-

frankyfrench2 55M
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8/31/2006 5:11 am

i do aggree! don't care about itand enjoy your own life!

rm_cardo29 42M

9/2/2006 11:56 am


ik vind het van veel guts getuigen dat je gewoon online blijft. Ik heb ook een aantal maatjes, die ik ervan verdenk hier anoniem rond te surfen. Ik weiger alleen mijn foto's en filmpje te verwijderen. We zijn hier toch om mensen te ontmoeten en ons ongenoegen te kunnen en mogen uiten over current-affairs.

Blijf gewoon schrijven, blijf gewoon mailen en de mensen die reageren als een baviaan, zijn dat je vrienden?

Ben je al wel vertrokken uit de slangenkuil die 't Gooi heet?

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