Flying High!  

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6/6/2006 3:47 pm

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Flying High!

What a weekend!!
Haa! It's good to be home.. And life's so great!!

Friday night I was on a lovely date with a guy I met on here.. Saturday bigass gardenparty for my brothers g/f's bday and his farewell. He used to work @ a local bar, but he decided to quit and focus on his 'grown-up-job' now..
Sunday a completely spontaneous (dinner)party with a couple of friends that ended up lasting till the sun came up..
Oh and some good news: I GOT A JOB! HAA!!

And more good news: After 7 years of welfare my girlfriend got herself a job as well! (2 actually)

November 1999 I did a training on personal development and in Febr. 2000 the follow up.. I did several more at the same organization but the one in February permanently changed my life. After I did these trainings I have assisted quite a few as well (as a volunteer) and I love it!
My friend was always asking me questions about this training and I could never really reply, because this training is based on uhh experience-learning? .. If I were to tell her about what we do during this training she could manipulate her behavior during the process and ruin her learning-moment. But the good thing was, since we've been friends a long time, she knows what I used to be like before and what I turned into after the training. Suddenly I was meeting new people, having new adventures and suddenly I could speak! I had a voice before the training and words as well, but I could never seem to combine the two to make conversation..
And the years after she was always saying how I knew so many people, always going out here and there with names she didnt know the faces from.. She used to ask me: "Where did you find all those words??".."How come you know so many people! I want people too!! Lots of people!"... and I used to tell her that I found my words at The Essence (that's the organization I did the trainings at) and that the words brought me the people..

She's been a single mom, trying to make ends meet ever since she left her whackjob of a husband. It's been a hard struggle for her, cleaning houses, finishing highschool in the evenings, getting her drivers liscence, etc etc.. And a year and a couple of months ago she was in so deep she thought she was gonna have a nervous breakdown. She was always tired, having a hard time controlling her kids, making ends meet, always low in the cashflow, her ex was (IS) een AssHole never paying maintenance allowance (?), etc etc..
She was calling me every day how fed up she was and that she couldnt take it anymore.. And I kept saying to her.. 'Try the Essence, what have you got to loose? It probably can't get any worse!'.. And finally! Many hours of talking later, she decided to do it..

It was a big hassle for her, because it's quite expensive and she didnt have a lot (read: any) money to spend on herself. But if you really wanna do something, there are No Excuses to not do it (or at least, that's what they preach at the Essence). I told her about one of their trainings I did and how we had to look for sponsors for a big charity-event.. And she went out and asked everyone around her to sponsor her. Parents from kids in her kids class, teachers, parents from her daughters gym-class, son's soccer-team, family members, etc.. And within a couple of weeks she had the money. It was amazing.. So even before she'd done the training she already had the people.. And the words as well basically, because without them, how could she have convinced them to help her?

Anyway, she did the training and she came out completely disappointed. She hadn't learned anything she didn't already know. And I was devastated. All the trouble for nothing! I clearly remembered my training and it did me a world of good.. but then I realized that my true Breakthrough came with the follow-up training.. And she heard that from more ppl around her who'd done both trainings as well.. She knew somewhere that this organization would be capable of giving her what she was looking for.. she just had to dig deeper.. And so she went again, on the look for sponsors! And Again she did it!! The entire sum for the next training, sponsored by people around her..

And that's when it happened. It was so cool seeing her do it.. She was completely All In. I stayed at her place looking after her kids, so she could stay in Amsterdam with one of the other trainees and not worry about sandwhiches and shoelaces..

And now. A year later. I can almost cry when I think about it. She's got more people around her than I ever had.. She's in control of her household.. Ok the kids are still a pain in the ass sometimes, but it doesnt break her up anymore. She can stay awake after 9pm without being a wreck the next day! She can do a zillion things at the same time without stressing out and panicking like a *bleep*. My God and I got back from Australia and a miracle happened: SHE'S GOT MSN!! Hahaha a real pc, with internet access!! (And she knows how to use it as well!) And a JOB!! A real job at a real office!
God she's doing so amazingly well! Flying high up in the sky! I'm so sO happy for her!

The thing is that I always knew she could do it. She's got sooo much potential, willpower and perseverance she could move mountains if she wanted to.. She just needed that little push to look beyond..

I never like to say "I'm proud of you..".. because how can I be proud of something someone else did? But if I was one of those people who said it, then I'd say it to her.. Now I'm just very very very Very Happy for her!!

For this post I was inspired by humboldthonni's post [post 374534]

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6/14/2006 4:01 pm

Awwww you are a sweetie. Always say what you feel

Purry {=}


SxyCrazyCool 38F

7/16/2006 2:40 pm

~*~ Purry- I try to, but it's not always easy..


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