Change of Scenery..  

SxyCrazyCool 38F
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4/12/2006 11:38 pm

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4/22/2006 12:18 am

Change of Scenery..

Just a couple of more days and we'll be flying to the Goldcoast .. Queensland.. We booked appt. reservations in a town called Surfer's Paradise!

I'm not really sure what to expect of a town actually called Sufer's Paradise.. It sounds more like a surf shop or some Alohawaiian beach bar.. I'm afraid it will be all hotels and tourists.. sorta like that time I was in Greece.. Hersonissos (Crete).. or maybe like Kuta (Bali) or St. Tropez..

Personally I'm more into the mindblowing naturscenes.. waterfalls, white sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, rice plateaus, tea plants, wild rocky mountains.. stuff like that..
The Crete Holiday (hotel -> beach -> hotel -> club -> hotel -> beach -> etc) was quite an experience.. But one time only. I hardly every spend my holidays in a hotel. And if must be then as few nights as possible. On the way to where I want to go, or as a luxury spree (in my normally very sober holidays due to perpetual lack of money).. It's not just because I never have enough money to go somewhere fancy (I always manage to just get my ticket to where I wanna go and the time I spent where I'm at I have to be very carefull because I never have a lot of spendingmoney saved).. But hotels don't really do it for me..
Maybe cuz I wasnt brought up to spend my holidays in hotels. My parents always rented (little) houses in the French countryside.. I loved it! My brother and I got to have our very own room, I could unpack my stuff and have my own little corner with my Barbies and other toys.. It'd always be a little new home away from home.. And when they got the house in France I got to really have my own (Pink) room, with my own bed and my own pillows..
The nights we spent in hotels during holidays can be counted on 10 fingers (almost) ;p ..just on the way there and going back home, because the trip was too long for little kids to do in one go..

Luckily now we have an appartment.. I've never before been in an appartment for holidays.. I hope the weather will be nice ..
And I'm probably gonna extend my trip for another couple of more weeks.. Cuz after the trip to Qeensland we're gonna make a roadtrip to Sydney after all!!!
I soooooooooooooooooooooo badly wanted to go on a roadtrip, but my friends friends are chicken and they reckon the road from Melbourne to Sydney is too dangerous and they think its rediculous to spend all that time in a car while u can fly there in an hour orso..
Mannn I love roadtrips.. f*ck the plane!! Specially cuz we're going in a fancy schmancy huge ass BMW!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Her desperate housewife friend's got a BMW X5 and she wants to come with us on the roadtrip

How exciting!! That's the one thing I really miss (apart from my cat): My Car!! I'd have loved to have my car here and drive around, sightseeing.. No one here lets me in their car cuz they are afraid I'll go drive on the worng side of the road..

Buttt first.. Sundaymorning 6am we fly off to the beach and the sunny weather

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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4/13/2006 12:46 am

have a great time

rm_j_artist 42M

4/17/2006 3:00 pm

hi there.
if your every wanting something to do in brisbane, would love to hook up for a coffee, drink whatever. Hey, and if ya do wanna have some no strings 'fun', gives us a yell.
you won't be disappointed.

rm_vaihtelu1969 47M
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4/18/2006 3:37 am

Can you fit me in that trunk... Alive...D

-Vaihtelu1969 to spice you up-

SxyCrazyCool 38F

4/22/2006 12:18 am

~*~ Goldmember- I had a great time! The weather was perfect.. U can read in the rest of my blog about my days there I love reading ur blog btw!! *kisss*

~*~ Goddess- *SmiLe*.. thank you!! I did!!

~*~ J_Artist- Hahaha thanx for the offer! But Brisbane is not on the programme I'm afraid...

~*~ Vaihtelu- *grin* What fun would you have sitting in the trunk!?!? Just come to sit with us in the car.. there's plenty of space ;p


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