Can a couple remain married while swinging?  

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6/13/2006 10:24 pm

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Can a couple remain married while swinging?

Over time, many of our couple friends have divorced. It's hard not to wonder if it was due to swinging. I know from talking to a few of them that there marriage was due to the female half not being honest, and faithful to their swinging arrangement.

It's hard to say if that was just the issue. Unfortunately some couples use the Lifestyle to try to help their marriage. In one case my friend thought that he could strengthen the marriage after his infidelity by convincing his wife that swinging will help bring them together.

In the end, they ended up divorced. More and more couples are starting to have issues, but can it be the Lifestyle, can it be a deeper issue. Is it the economy, the times, or the sense of freedom with others?

I can't tell you what it is; maybe some of you have insight that would help. My marriage has had its hard times, and even more great times. We have been with many couples, as well as many singles alone. We still are going strong at 15 years marriage. I want to think that it's our love and commitment to each other, our communication and honesty. It may be that we are just one of the lucky ones.

Our first threesome with our friend Sam, Him and his wife appeared to be happily married. They wife and I had several threesomes with him; he was the wife's first DP. Then over time I started to trust him and gave my blessing for them him and the wife to play alone. After a while it appeared he started having marriage problems that more he played with my wife. I started to wonder if there was underlining issues. He and his wife moved to CA. a couples years back, but ended up having a messy divorce.

It's sad, I like them both, but maybe it was in the cards. It appears they are happier separate, and the wife goes and visits him still for fun.

So chirp in, what do you think? Are couples in the Lifestyle having issues due to the Lifestyle, or is it's a deeper marriage issue?

Let's her your stories or comments?


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