You Just.....  

Sweetpickles69 47F
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7/30/2006 2:03 pm

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7/31/2006 12:48 pm

You Just.....

You just left me, and I already miss you. I miss the feeling of safeness, I feel when I'm in your arms. I miss your soft caresses, your gentle touch. Why do you love a screwed up girl, like me?

I don't deserve your love. You're love is the ultimate prize, and you say I have it. Oh, how I want to believe it's true. Please, let it be true! Just this once. I need to feel love again.

I was looking in all the wrong places. I was confusing lust for love. I was confusing any attention, for love. I was so wrong and confused. But being with you is bringing it all back to life.

Oh! How I want it to last. But I'll enjoy what time I can have with you. I want to open up to you. Show all of me to you, even the bad, unflattering parts. You're love is what I need, right now.

Please, Just love me. Let me love you. We need each other. You show me a much more positive world. My world was so dark before you came into it. You have brought out the loving, happy person, I hid inside for so long. I was so afraid to love again, until you broke down the walls.

Please, let this be the last time. Please, let this be the love I been searching for my whole life. I just want it so badly. I have so much love to give. Please, let me love you.


strongelk2006 53M

7/30/2006 8:06 pm

You know that I have always shown you the love that you should get from a man that truely can love another. All you need to do is just let the love flow,,,and let life unfold in front of you.
I will always have love to show you Michelle,,,that won't stop.

Peace ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,coolness...........Love N.B.


Sweetpickles69 47F

7/30/2006 10:41 pm

N.B.~~Yes, you HAVE shown me alot in a short time! I haven't felt all the things, we've shared with anyone else. Pleas just bear with me while I work through my insecurities! I hope your love and mine, never ends!


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