Wow! What a night!!  

Sweetpickles69 47F
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4/30/2006 10:18 am

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7/24/2006 6:09 pm

Wow! What a night!!

I had a great night last night, no thanks to this site. I went to the bar with a couple of guy friends. I was planning on playing with one of them after the bar closed, but I met another guy. Oh! He was a hottie!! He was Native American, with the long black hair!! He was 10 years younger & had the stamina to match. OH! & he licked pussy too, loved to in fact! I guess good things come to those who wait. We went to his motel room & played for 5 hours straight. He didn't waste no time when we got to the room either! He was pulling my pants off as soon as we hit the bed. I'm a little sore today! Guess I shouldn't have been whining yesterday. It's nice to know a fat chick my age can still pick up hot guys at the bar! He's in town doing constrution, hope to play with him some more while he's here!


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