Stop the Bus, I want Off!  

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7/19/2006 12:42 pm

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Stop the Bus, I want Off!

This life has been mostly drug induced. I've done drugs since age 19. I've tried almost everything, except the really dangerous stuff(heroin, exstacy). Sex is AWESOME under the influence too. All inhibitions relaxed. Everything so intensified. I've lived the last 18 years "under the influence" of something. Guess it's the way I deal with life. drugs have helped me to open my mind. It's funny, at age 14 I was afraid of all drugs. It's what your elders do to you. They claim "everything" is bad for you. They try to scare you away from even trying anything.
In the mid-nineties, I had a group of friends I would "trip" with. There was about 10 of us that would meet & drop together. We'd entertain ourselves all night, by playing games, watching movies, going to laser light shows, or going to concerts. I remember playing "Uno" once & the colors of the cards started running together. I used to hate" Rush's" music until I went to a laser light show of their music tripping. Man! Those were the days! I don't have even one of those friends in my life anymore.
Why are friendships so fleeting? I don't even have any friends left from my high school days. Guess it's like marriages now, too easy to get out, too easy to move on when things get tough. Everyone nowadays is looking for "No Drama"! Well, how do you go through life without "some" drama? That's what gives life it's character. It's what makes it worth living through.

Well, off to forget the bad & "Burn One"! Wanna join me?

"Get High, cuz Pigs Don't Fly!"


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