Gorillas!! or Guys with Hairy Backs!  

Sweetpickles69 47F
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7/27/2006 5:39 pm

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7/28/2006 7:19 pm

Gorillas!! or Guys with Hairy Backs!

I hate guys with hairy backs! Yuck!! I dated a guy in 1992, in Fremont, Nebraska, that suffered this ailment. I tried to get past it, but it was like hugging a gorilla.
I remember the last time I had sex with him, I almost puked. I try not to be so shallow, but everyone has their limits, I guess.

Do you have any "Turn Offs"?

Does back hair turn you off?

Then, there's the guys with the really hairy chests!!! The ones that have it "sprouting" out of their "wife-beater" tank tops!


marywannado 43F

7/27/2006 7:30 pm

OOOHHHH,, YUCK!!! Hate hairy backs and chests,, nasty.....

The only hair I like is the long flowing manes...

phoenix639 49F

7/28/2006 8:11 am

Garlic...i despise the smell on people.

It makes me recoil.

My last intimate moment with a man....he reeked of it.

I told him i couldnt stand it & he laughed & said 'oh its good for you'.

No its not if women wont come near you coz you stink.

rm_sexxikritter 52F
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7/28/2006 8:43 am

Ok, that pic is way too much!!! He needs a waxing for sure. I love a hairy chest and don't mind some back hair, even what some folks might think was too much, maybe a third of what's in the pic.

My only real turn offs are bad hygeine. Take a shower, wash that crotch and those pits. And for pity's sake, brush your teeth!
That's about it.

RedMenice 46F

7/28/2006 11:11 am

As you already know Pickles.......a bad mouth!
If his 'grill' is broken down from obvious neglect, has bad breath or CANNOT kiss to save his life.....that's a deal breaker.
I'm not superficial.....but I'm going to be doing any deep soul searching style kissing with anyone (and I do SO love to kiss)...I feel I have every right to make THIS important.

bustybettyboop 50F  
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7/28/2006 6:12 pm

i agree with u pickles and also redmenice! hugz,busty

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