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1/19/2006 10:22 am

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new opportunity

Do you love sports? Wouldn't it be awesome to trade sports teams like they were stocks and make money off of their wins? Now you can.

Go to ASM's website and register for free at Right now, at this moment, ASM is giving you $5.00 for signing up. Once you are signed up, go to the LIVE SUPPORT section and request the $25 free bonus using my affiliate link. Then once you have that in place, there is a $10 bonus just for filling out a questionaire(you will find the link on the left hand side of your 'my account' page, under contests and announcements). So now, you have $40 to play with before you even pull money from your pocket. (these are current as of July, 2005).
******in addition to those bonuses, ASM will also match your first deposit up to $500.00! as of this writing.***********

Once you have this in your account, you should spend some time looking around the member's area. Listed Below are the things you will find in each part of the member's area:
My account/porfolio

* Your available cash balance- If you are just starting out and did everything under my FIRSTTHINGSFIRST section, then there should be $40 available.
* Buying Power/shorting power- Once again this is usually the amount of that you have available to trade with.
* Long Stock Value- This is stocks that you have invested in and plan to keep for an infinite amount of time. When you buy, it immediately gets taken from your available cash balance. You pay when you buy and receive when you sell.
* Short Stock Liability- Selling short the exact opposite of buying long. When you "sell short", you are betting that at some point, the stock is going to go lower than where it was when you first traded. You eventually are required to buy to cover.
* Open positions- Here you will find the stocks you are currently involved with.
* Open orders- Here you will find the stocks that you are either trying to sell or buy.
* Upcoming Games- Here you will find the games scheduled for the day.
Good day and happy trading!

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