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That's my description: Take it or leave it. For those of you that are here for just a piece of tail, go stick it! For the other women that have no manners to return a simple hi after contradicting themselves on their profile, I know you;ll find the man of your DREAMS.(abuser, alcoholic, disease freak no mannered non door opening piece of eye candy that will eventually spoil and then what? For all the ones that never had the respect to say hi back...The Hello you gave me is the same Goodbye you'll I will give you.
Problem with most men today is that they always forget to make sure their girlfriend, wife, lover, get's that look in their eye. That look that makes them look like if you don't fuck them they will hurt you. It's because it takes time to get that look into a woman's eyes. You have to know just how to tease her. Not even during foreplay. But from when the day or date begins you have to tease them.

A few months ago I was out shopping with a woman and she was looking at this skirt and I walked up behind her and brushed my fingers back and forth on the small of her back and said, “You have to get that. I am dying to see those long legs of your poking out from underneath it.”

Later that night at the bar after a couple of dances she straddled me on the chair and whispered in me ear. “My pussy started getting wet the second you whispered that in my ear.” She knew how to tease too, because she didn’t buy the skirt.

That night we glazed the walls of my bedroom because the foreplay started five hours before.

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