The art of flirting  

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8/26/2005 1:28 pm

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The art of flirting

Wow! I’m on a roll…Two blogs in less than 24 hours!

Today is my first day off in 7 days (I have a weird schedule). So instead of doing grown-up stuff like laundry, cleaning, paying bills, etc…I found myself surfing the net and taking a quiz to see what kind of flirt I am. After responding to about 20 questions, here’s the verdict:

"You are the Guy-getting Goddess (really? Well someone should tell all the guys who are snubbing me ). You are a woman who knows how to work your wiles. You're flirty without being flashy, suggestive without being a steamroller. The real draw is that you're happy, confident, friendly, and don't act like you need a guy around to have a good time. The thought that you're -- gasp -- fine without a man sends men scrambling to make themselves a part of your life."

I think men or women go weak for someone who has the confidence to initiate a flirtation, but then can hold back and let them take the next step. It gives them the chance to pursue you without knowing what's going to happen next. So this got me thinking of flirting moves and lines men and women could do. I started asking around and also checking the net…this is some of the interesting stuff I came up with.

Flirting moves for women
·At a bar or coffeehouse, use the tip of your tongue to lick beer or espresso foam from your lip. This one, ladies, I think we have all used, right?
·If you shake his hand, wrap your other hand around his. Linger for just a second longer than you normally would.
·While conversing with a cutie, lean in close to his face. Linger for three counts, look at him in the eyes and then slowly return to your original position.
·If you go for dessert, dip your finger in it, put it in your mouth and slowly pull it out while giving a gentle moan all the while eyeing your guy.
·Ok ladies, the next one you can pull if you’re really confident: Sit next to a solo stud and ask, "Ever had a complete stranger talk to you?"
·This one I read in a women’s mag and thought it was hilarious: Pull out a copy of the Kama Sutra from your bag and say, "Would you be interested in joining my book club?"
·The next one, I’m trying next time I go out: At a packed bar, coyly stick a bill in his hand or shirt pocket and ask if he'd mind ordering your drink.
·If you’re in a loud place, make the most of it and lean in closely. Then whisper conversation in his nerve-packed ears.
·For the cheeky woman, tell him that you're an amateur palm reader. While you're looking at his hand, sensually let your finger wander on the creases and predict that there will be lots of passion in his future.
·Be bold: ask him to look at his cell phone. While checking it out, say that it's missing a very important feature and enter your number.

Flirting moves for men
·If you’re with a group of friends, detach yourself slightly from them and make sure she has a good view. Stand tall, make eye contact and smile.
·Be complimentary: don’t be afraid, look for an opportunity to compliment her. Let your eyes linger on her a moment…just a moment. You want her to know you mean it but don’t want to creep her out neither.
·Show some interest in her: most women enjoy a guy who seems genuinely interested in her and her life. Ask her questions, but avoid getting too personal. Again, you don’t want to creep her out.
·If her hair falls on her face, slowly reach out and gently move her hair away from her face and tell her you want to see her beautiful face/eyes/smile, etc...
·If you shake hands with her, use the other hand to briefly touch/caress her arm, while smiling at her seductively.
·If she has a necklace, show some interest: touch it while letting your fingers gently linger on her collarbones and ask her the story behind it.
·Let her taste your dessert. Feed it to her…with your spoon.
·Be funny: tell her a good joke or come up with an funny pick up line and when she laughs, compliment her on her laughter.
·If sitting at a crowded bar: offer her your stool and lead her to it by putting your hand on her back or waist. Then before she reaches for her purse, beat her to it and pay for her drink.
·Tempt her with a tease: if a woman is good-looking, every guy has probably complimented her already. Surprise her by playfully commenting on something unique about her, her shoes, her girly-drink, her earrings, etc… Say something she wouldn’t expect to hear.

Finally, whether you’re a man or woman, just enjoy yourself. Flirting is supposed to be fun, and when you're having fun, it's easier to convince the other one to play along with you.

So I’m curious, men, women, what are some of the moves or pick up lines you’ve used?

rm_pgn_man 39M
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8/28/2005 6:28 pm

"want to go to a wedding three hundred kilometers away with me tomorrow. I know we only met three hours ago."


Sweetgenie_girl 41F

8/28/2005 8:54 pm

Road Trip!!!!! cool!

Too bad I have to do the sensible thing of showing up to work tomorrow morning.

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