My rant  

Sweetgenie_girl 41F
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10/29/2005 1:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My rant

I’ve just updated “the ideal person” section on my profile. The new update is blunt, straight to the point, probably makes me look like a demanding b*tch but I don’t care. Its purpose is to weed out the boys, so that the REAL MEN can contact me.

I’m frustrated…really. After having spent a few weeks getting to know this “nice guy”, I realized that he is just like “the others”. By “the others” I mean the boys who cannot handle a real woman (last I checked I was a real woman). A real woman with needs, hungry sexuality and expectations. Yes, I know this is AdultFriendFinder but I still have expectations. I expect that after he confesses how much he likes me and desires to get to know me, that he still feels that way after we’ve have sex. I expect that he understands that just because I’m not looking for a commitment, doesn’t mean that I will allow him to use me only when he’s feeling horny and discard me after his itch has been scratched. I’m giving, available for the other and eager to please. I expect the same in return. I expect that when I call upon him to satisfy my needs, he doesn’t say that I’m “acting like a girlfriend, which is something he really doesn’t need right now”. Guess what, I don’t want to be your girlfriend, but I expect you to f*ck me the way I f*cked you that time you were really horny!

Aaaarrrg! I’m sorry fellow bloggers but this is my rant. This is AdultFriendFinder but sometimes I feel like I’m back in high school, with boys.

Where are the real men? You know the men who have the confidence to handle a real woman. To me a real man understands that a woman has needs and that she deserves to be treated with respect and high regard. A real man gets gratification from pleasing a woman, and doing so as often as necessary. A real man understands that just because she’s bored and calls him up to see a movie, doesn’t mean she has already mailed the wedding invitations. A real man is honest with his feelings, good or bad. A real man is not afraid to find himself irresistibly (and maybe unexpectedly) attracted to a real woman and can handle his feelings. A real man doesn’t pretend to be what the woman wants him to be just so he can get in her pants. And a real man sure doesn’t treat her like dirt afterwards.

Where have all the real men gone?!?!

NaughtyNurse514 30F

10/29/2005 6:33 pm

Ouch. Genie... You seem destroyed! Don't let men get you down. Soooo not worth it! I don't know who this dude is, but if will supply with a name, phone number, and/or address, I will take care of him for you... Muahahaha. Men really suck sometimes, huh? For someone who just got into the world of cegep, real men are hard to find. VERY hard! And like you said, men who can handle their feelings are very rare, and far too few between. Hey... Just a thought... Ever consider turning to women?

Stephanie, feeling pretty damn good after a fun afternoon out with a REAL man (or he seems like one anyways...)

PassionateBeat 44M

10/30/2005 9:06 pm

I wish you would not experience things like this because you dont deserve them.
I know that it is not a great consolation but men experience the same thing that you went thru and I do admit that it sux.
I hope you find that REAL man you are looking for and I wish I could see your new "Ideal person" section but I dont have that freebie anymore that permitted me to do so originally! sigh..

Take care and I hope your lucks turns for the best .


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11/1/2005 5:32 pm

Sweetgenie -

Hey! I think that guy has a brother or cousin that lives right here in Frederick, Maryland and I've met him! What a coincidence.

Seriously, there are just a lot of men (and probably women) for whom the chase is better than the catch. They get what they want, make excuses and move onto the next one.

I know it sounds like a total cliche, but I'm sure there are nice guys out there. Somewhere.

Stay strong.

alex_200mm 57M
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11/1/2005 7:36 pm


don't give up! I say this not just for myself, but for many of my brethren.

Sure, we don't always speak the same language... or even have the same ideas in our heads... but many of us are good people who are not out just for the quick fuck. Who like relationships, tenuous or strong though they may be. Who actually are real. Don't reject all of us because of a statistically infinitesimal sample...

Who knows... the next man may be "the one". Or you may already know him, and not see it. Perhaps you've gone out with him, or chatted, and simply not seen him...?

Just chalk it up as a learning process, like applying for a job. Like "they" say, every "no" brings you closer to a "yes"...

Good luck,


smileguyqc 53M

11/2/2005 7:02 am

Hey Genie another nice post... life is a learning process for all of us. Hopefully the guy you met is reading your post and learning something. I think your doing a good thing, being very specific ("blunt") about your needs in your profile. Letting your expectations be known right up front will help with most guys. I'd like to think that Alex's comment is true.


NaughtyNurse514 30F

11/2/2005 3:08 pm

My fellow frustrated Montrealer- Yes, you, Genie! I have put a lot of thought into your post, and have come to this conclusion: Some men, as wrong and retarded as they may seem, are just afraid of us. Because despite being qualified by many as "the weak sex", I think it's highly au contraire ! MEN are the ones that can't live with the feelings inside of them, MEN are the ones that can barely spend a minute without staking claim on us, marking their... territory, for lack of better term. And for as long as time shall tic toc, we will always be the ones to deal with this. We will always endure the trials of living with a man's confusion. But you know what, it's when women like you and I make friends with one another that we see that we CAN make it through. Because we are strong, because we are women, and for God's sake.... Aren't we soooo much prettier?!

Stephanie xoxox

God had to make a rough copy before he made his masterpiece!

Sweetgenie_girl 41F

11/2/2005 8:55 pm

I love this place!!!!

Just when I thought my mood couldnt get any lower than this, I come here and read your posts.

PassionateBeat: Thanks for the kind words. In my book, you are a REAL man!!!

DCEbony - I just knew that jerk had a sibbling somewhere!!!I'm sorry he had to find you. I will stay strong and cling on to the hope that somewhere, someday, somehow I will find a Real Man! And when I do, I'll introduce you to his REAL brother!

Alex - Always know the right word to say And dont worry, I dont reject all men, just the ones who treat me like crap...there are still a few men out there I like (wink wink)

Smileguyqc - thanks for stopping by. Always nice to see your smiling face and read your thoughtful words. BTW, the jokes on your blog cheered me up a bit

Naughty!!!! You and I need to get our pretty little butts together, party and cause so much trouble in Montreal. I know I'm older but I still got it!!!!

rm_pgn_man 39M
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11/3/2005 7:46 pm

Wow, looks like you were on the receiving end of a king sized asshole.

I humbly offer my condolences, and strong arm if you need someone to hold him for you.

Men to often act as children. Sad but true. But we do have the potential to act as men, and shouldn't be excused from trying.


Sweetgenie_girl 41F

11/4/2005 7:25 am

LOL!!! King sized asshole!!!! Love that!

Can I use it next time I talk to him?

Nouveau_Couple 43M/44F
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11/9/2005 10:04 am

Goog men are not gone nor lost, they are in a different team. you want a guy who listens and be present have a gay friend. Who has no sex on his mind and no hard on in his pocket get a GayFriendFinder. He treats you right and listens like a woman. He's a guy with no tits and surely no staring down your nice "eyes".

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/50F
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11/19/2005 3:23 am


Hang in there....I learned you have to go through a lot of trash to find the treasure.....Some men can be fakes and phonies and think we are just a fuck machine but there is hope and there are truly good men out there.

My best to you!



Sweetgenie_girl 41F

11/19/2005 6:38 am


Thank you for the encouragement and I will hang in there, I'm sure eventually I will find someone to suit my needs.

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