Who like's the feel of being caught the rush u get  

SweetandJuicey 45F
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2/17/2005 3:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Who like's the feel of being caught the rush u get

You know the feeling you get when your have or getting a quickie, the feel of begin caught your heart starts to race and U get more exited. That's when it makes sex more fun and exciting and I tend to cum harder. Would love to hear how it makes you'll feels???

rm_rubberman 44M

2/17/2005 4:40 pm

Damn, you are making me horny. My bi-wife is at work or i would get her to check this out...... She likes to do it in public too. The thrill of maybe getting caught makes us so hot. Would you like to swap email adresses and photo's????

manupforall 58M

2/24/2005 7:09 pm

HOT Fun!

I love public quickies with a risk of getting caught. I love to go out with a lady, she is wearing a short skirt and no panties or a thong.
I press up behind her and free my dick that is instantly hard at the touch of her buns. I slide into her and we are so hot we cum almost instantly.
If the coast stays clear I get hard again fast and do her ass too.
If I can I lick up the mess so she doesn't drip so much.

manupforall 58M

2/25/2005 3:32 pm

I had a GF in Redondo Beach CA and we were doing it beside her truck in the parking garage (at the marina) and I watched people drive past.
One of my friends told me later that he saw me and knew that something was going on.

rm_GMOallstars 32G
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1/22/2006 9:34 pm

That's one of the best feelings in the world. I remember having sex with a young lady in the stairwell of a medical clinic. It began with her sucking my dick. At first I didn't wanna risk getting caught(because of the window in the door), but my dick was throbbing, so I had pull her pants down, lean her over the steps, and fuck the hell out of her. Not 20 seconds after we'd finished and had just gotten our clothes adjusted, a doctor walked right into the stairwell. Talk about good timing. lol

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