Advice Please  

Sweet_desire77 49F
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6/8/2006 1:17 am

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6/8/2006 9:18 pm

Advice Please

I've been dating someone exclusively for six months. We knew each other as teenagers, but just got reaquainted after 22 years and things have been great. Well I thought they were. I see him every day and I give him whatever he could want or imagine sexually. To the extent of writing sexy stories, I show up dressed in mini skirt, fishnets, and heels... to wake him up and surprise him with a good hard fuck. I clean and vacum in the nude sometimes. I do his laundry, cook, and type his papers for work. During the day I send text messages if I know he is having a bad day to cheer him up. Recently he ended up unexpectedly in the hospital for the first time in his life and I stayed with him. Two days ago he told me he thinks maybe we should consider just being friends again?
My response was: " Well I will start dating someone else you know", "How are you going to handle that?"
He says," Oh I thought we could just keep things the same. I would just feel better if I were single right now."
He has the summer off. I don't. I think , it is his intention to put me on the back burner. If he doesn't find any action, I'm there if he does he's single. No guilt!
I am not having that sh*t.
So guys why is it so many guys feel it's ok for them to go out and get some action and keep a lady hanging? Why should we be GOOD girls and keep our legs closed and stay home and wait for men? If we are doing this.... who the hell are you guys getting it from?
No seriously! In this guys shoes would any of you guys be that dumb. He has a woman tthat he admits gives him the greatest sex he has ever had, we are best friends, and we know what the other is going to do or say before it happens? Why would he throw this away? He claims there is no one waiting in the wings and there doesn't seems to be time for it to be honest.
In fairness he does a lot for me too this is not all one sided. My car recently died and he gave me his truck. If he outs gas in his car, he outs gas in my truck. Give me some advice guys? He's 43 years old never married and no kids. On the other hand I am divorced and have a 15 yr old, 13 yr old and a 5 yr old. He loves them all and so does his family. Someone tell me something. I'm ready to walk.

rm_Harrybd 52M
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6/8/2006 1:50 am

Well honey I don't Know what to tell you.Other than IS HE OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND!I have given up trying to figure people out.I try to posit several possibilities,like maybe he's gay,or mybe he just stupid,or maybe he's too busy.But in the end,it's all speculation.Therefore I can only advise a walk.If he does'nt want it to work, after all that,then it's not going to work.He has no appreciation for except as some kind of damn toy for his pleasure and a sexy, hot, maid.Do you know what many rational men would do to even get half of what you are talking about? I would love to have someone wake me up to give me a good hard fuck,or a fuck of any kind at all.I would appreciate a woman vacuuming and doing my chores with her clothes on!Not to mention a damn hot and sexy naked maid!Maybe he needs his "space", but still he should not leave you hanging to twist in the wind.I know I damn sure wouldn't!

VCF1962 105F

6/8/2006 2:29 am

Wlk - honey I'd be running as fasr as I could outta there. Ask why he isn't married at 43 or has never been ? Sounds like he's never been committed (but maybe he should be !!).

Pure and simple - you give him everything he could possibly want - if he doesn't want it, find someone that does AND is prepared to give in return. Sorry but he sounds like a sorry assed selfish SOB to me.

Find someone worthy of you cause it certainly isn't him. Let him know you aren't going to wait around for him - you're on here so I presume that you're already looking ?? Have some meet and greets from here - tell him you're busy and not at his beck and call. Don't give it to him on a plate any more - make HIM do some work for a change. Then you'll find out if he's worthless or worth your time.

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

LeafyOleinScapi 55M

6/8/2006 10:12 am

My first thought was what kind of surgery did he have and did that physically change him. Did it if not physically effect him, stop and make him think about where he is in his life? I have to admit from what you write I'd be loving what you are doing for him, but does he think the grass is greener in the next yard? He may also feel that you have already created your family and perhaps he is now realizing he didn't do that.
Maybe you have already done so but if you are concerned as to why, sit down and ask him straight out why the change of heart.


rm_loveyalot2 58M
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6/8/2006 2:42 pm

he sounds like a kid who only wants what he wants when he wants it he thinks your always gonna be there for him kinda like a mom im amazed cause i hear this all the time from woman kinda like he hits me but its not his fault i bothered him when he was working honey you sound like a hell of a girl which means there are a 100 other guys that would wait in line just to talk to you including myself dump this guy and move on find someone with some brains in his head the one on top of his sholders that is someone who can truly value what you have to offer someone with a mind set older than 18 hope everything works out for you heres to ya

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