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1/30/2006 10:55 am

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4/13/2006 6:59 pm

who you really are

people are funny some are honest, good hearted some are materialistic, some are nature lovers some are fighters, some ar go getters, some lovers, I am a lover, but every one falls in to 2 types of peoples those that are honest forthright & good & those that are phoney.
The phoney have alterior motives for things they do & say & or act like thier true selves when things dont go thier way> They will act like spoiled self serving imature people when things dont go thier way or on thier terms. Those people will fall into the inloved, forgotten category & people who are just like them will be attracted to them & be surrounded by them. they will use them for money, sexual, or social gain & I do not feel sorry for those people they all get what they deserve, to have phoney friends, be unloved unwanted & lonely when things are bad they will have no one to turn to becuase those that really were thier frinds & never would have taken a thing only given, they will have drove them away with thier childish imature selfish behavior. The sad thing is most phoney people are so good that us trusting people deny it & let things slide untill the person shits on them & treats them like crap becuase they dont get what they want or they dont get thier way becausese the honest person will not be taken advantage of anymore so piss & moan, name call do & say what you want I know in my heart I am an unselfish, giving, honest loving person & i will not be lonely or unloved ever!

Massiveone89475 50M

1/31/2006 7:16 am

Babe you are so right. Not everyone can be like you, just a real and upfront person. Sometimes I wish others were like that, but alas they are not.

Miss you,
Your Mass

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