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1/24/2006 2:40 pm

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Funny Customer

i work in a call center for a cell company here is a customer I wont soon forget...

CALLER: hi my cell phone keeps beeping..
ME: sir is your battery low?
CALLER: no, I had it on the charger all night
ME: is the battery indicator bars shwing full?
caller: yes it's fully charged
ME: sir do u have voice/text messages?
CALLER: no ma'm i checked, when i called earlier the other rep said i had to call back from another phone so you could troubleshoot my phone no the beeps are louder & faster
ME: sir, so yiur phone still makes & recieves calls?
CALLER: yes but the beep is really annoying.
ME: have you tried taking the battery out??
CALLER: i can now
ME: can hear him fumbling around & mumbling abut the beep & now I can hear it louder now
CALLER: the battery is out & its still beeping.. hear it??
ME: yes i do sir, are you on wireless phone?
CALLER: No I am on my home phone..
ME: Sir is that a portable phone?
CALLER: yes how'd you know?
ME: sir can you look at the phone in your hand & tell me if theres a red light or anything on the screen
CALLER: nothing i took the battery out
ME: no sir the portable phone in your other hand
CALLER ok & now i can hear him mumbling louder now ( what the hell does battlo mean)
Caller there is a red light & the letters B A T T L O on the screen what does that mean?
ME: sir that means the portable phone you are on needs to be charged its beeping because the BATTery is LO......
CALLER: oh shit dont i feel stupid... CLICK

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