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6/25/2005 1:39 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


It has been a couple of days since he left to go to Atlanta. I have been sleeping alone in this big bed and I really need him home. Every creak in the floors, every flickering shadow reminds me I am here by myslef.

This leads me to a fantasy that I don't think I will ever have the balls (sorry for that disturbing mental image) to carry off. I would love to be laying in bed alone in the house and have an intruder come into my bedroom after sneaking in the basement window. He would come up the stairs, blending with the shadows. Until he was standing over me watching me sleep. His hand descends over my mouth to suppress the scream at the back of my throat. I can see from his eyes this man isn't playing around...he means business. He slowly removes his hands and motions for me not to make a sound. He leans in and whispers...don't wake the babies. He finds a couple of my scarves and ties my hands to the wrought iron of my headboard. Then slowly removes my nightie exposing me to his lustful eyes. His first touch is electrifying and terrifying at the same time. He is rough and demanding. Taking the pleasure he wants.

Like I said, I don't know if I will ever get the chance to fulfill this particular fantasy, but who knows. It is stimulating nonetheless.

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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6/25/2005 11:43 am

Thats one that is easy enough to do since it only takes two. I'm sure you can be creative. Maybe get a nice hotel room and have your lover show up when he wants, you won't know, maybe he's hiding in the closet or the shower or maybe he slip's in at two in the morning and takes all that he wants. Maybe he wants to fuck your mouth, making you gag on his cock, then roughly shoves his cock in your pussy, which already wet giving away your excitement, He pounds your pussy hard but he's not done with you yet, he wants total control over you, he wants you to remember him forever. He pushes you over and slaps the hell out of your ass and tells you to move your fucking ass now and get it up in the air. You obey out of fear and respect for his power. He grabs your ass cheeks and roughly massages them and spreads them open exposing your tight little hole. He spanks your ass again and tells you there is no point in fighting it because your ass is going to be his. He steps up behind you and pushes his cock back into your pussy and strokes you deep from behind while beginning to play with your ass, smearing pussy juice and spit onto your asshole and working a finger into your ass while he's fucking you. Soon he has the finger fucking your ass in time to the stroke of his cock in your pussy. As much as you feel this is wrong you can't deny he is making you so hot, the hottest you have ever been in your life. Suddenly everything is pulled out and it all stops. You want him to continue more than anything. He laughs a sinister laugh as he realizes you want him to keep fucking you, you are almost ready to beg him when you feel his cock touch you again as he rubs it up and down on your dripping pussy. Without warning his cock is at your asshole and is pushing the head of his cock in before you can tighten up. With the head of his cock in your puckered hole he slaps your ass again and tells you to give it to him, to fuck his cock. He's actually making you push your ass back onto his cock and fuck him, slapping your ass again and again telling you to move your ass and fuck him. Your ass is reddened by his slaps and is on fire, on fire with passion as you no longer can control yourself and you shove back against his cock as hard as you can begging him to fuck you harder. You want him to fuck you so hard you pass out. You get want you want as he fucks you with a power you have never known in your life before. Your orgasm floods over you and takes your breath away and as your body spasms over and over it pushes him over the edge and as he begins to cum he shoves you over and blasts his cum all over your face making a final statement. You are sucking for air and getting cum in your mouth instead, stars fill your head and it is five minutes before you can even see straight. You lift your head and look around the room but there is no one there. You want so bad to know who the man was, but you will never know. The most incredible sex of your life was from a stranger and you wonder how you can have it happen again. Maybe if you rent the same room again!

SweetSouthrnGrl 44F

6/25/2005 1:43 pm

whew! i guess you have rented a room like that before? or would like to be the intruder???? thanks for the idea!

ltjo2xd 58M

6/26/2005 11:03 am

Nice fantasy SSG; and nice job filling in the holes 4nik8_4u! I agree with him, finding the intruder is probably the easy part...all you have to do is ask. Have fun while your man's out of town!

PlanetThogar2 54M
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6/29/2005 1:15 pm

Unbelievable! That has been a fantasy of mine for so long....though I'm the intruder, of course.

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