To be REAL, or not to be REAL....that is the question.  

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9/7/2006 8:50 am

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To be REAL, or not to be REAL....that is the question.

I've been reading a lot here on the site lately, and I'm seeing quite a few complaints about the "players" here. It seems there are quite a few of those that like to live in what I call "Cyber Fantasyland", and would rather mess with someone's mind, or have photos to jack-off to, than to actually have one-on-one contact with a great sex partner. Now how ridiculously stupid is that? Silly me, I thought the whole point to membership here was to eventually find someone compatible to have great sex with. Ya never occured to me to not be REAL here.

I'll have to say that as I've gotten older, my "Bullshit Tolerance Level" has gone way down. I used to be "Miss Diplomatic" and be able to tolerate people's little idiosyncracies, but anymore I just call them on their BS and tell it like it's too short to be wastin' my time. I want to live my life to the fullest, and I don't have the time or the patience to allow anyone to interfere with the quality of my life.

Some have told me I'm refreshingly honest, and some just think I'm funny...and some have alluded that I'm arrogant, but I can assure you that I am 100% REAL...every day, all the time. I try to always do what I say I'll do, and if I don't, there's usually a damned good reason why I couldn't. The ONLY time that I may not be completely honest is when I think that it might be hurtful to someone to do I AM a very sweet person, and HATE to hurt anyone unnecessarily.

Being a "player" just doesn't make sense to me. If I want to find someone I'm compatible with, then how in the hell am I going to do that if I'm not REAL? I CAN'T...and neither can anyone else on this site. SOCRATES said, "Know Thy Self"...and truer words were not ever spoken. It is impossible to attain anything in life if you don't know your self, or what you want out of life...happiness will allude you always. And that's NOT for I'm keepin' it sweet and sexy...and REAL.


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