A lyric about love, heartache, and loss...  

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A lyric about love, heartache, and loss...

Here's a lyric to a song that I loved the first time I heard it sang by TONI PRICE...a performer in the Houston, Texas area. She doesn't tour much, but had this song on a small label out of Austin, Texas...Antone's on the "Antone's Women" CD.

Not only do I love the words, but TONI delivers this song like no one else I have heard before.

Being a caring and loving person can be very tough sometimes. Unfortunately, some people think that if you're caring and loving that you are a weak person...waiting to be taken advantage of. In my twenties that happened to me quite frequently, a little less in my thirties, and still hasn't been non-existent in my fourties. I have learned how to read people fairly well, which helps considerably. And I've tried really hard NOT to become jaded and cynical about relationships, but I do admit that my trust factor has lowered considerably over the years...it had to. I was beginning to wonder how much hurt my heart could take, and feared the next disappointment might be the one that did me in... That's why my profile is so specific about what I want in a mate. I don't have the time anymore for the WRONG types to be in my life. I figured out who I was and what I wanted over the years, and learned to love myself first...rather expecting another person to validate me as a human being by loving me. By doing so, my love life has improved quite a bit...as well as the quality of the people and relationships I have in my life.

I'd have to say, though, that the old saying: "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger" is definitely true in my case. Even so, it would have made my whole life easier if I had been fortunate enough to have found the "right one" earlier on.

So, sometimes I can't help but look back and mourn the loss of all that time, pain, and money that loving the wrong people cost me. This lyric addresses that reflection.

To all of those, collectively, who took my sweet heart for granted over the years...


If I had a dollar, for every time
You broke my heart, messed up my mind
Well Id be the richest one, yea,
Id be the richest one, in the world

If bad times paid interest, Id have you to thank
Be driving a new car, I'd have money in the bank
And Id be the richest one, yea,
Id be the richest one, in the world
Baby, baby

money can't buy love
The kind I dream of, its so hard to find
A good mans touch, in the morning when I rise
Baby, Id give up every single dime

If teardrops were diamonds, from the African mines
If heartaches were silver, my whole life would shine
And Id be the richest one, yea
Id be the richest one,
Id be the richest one all over the world,
Yes I would

Id have a yacht in the Riviera, a mansion in Spain,
Oil wells in Texas, big diamond rings,
I would go where I wanna go,
Be what I wanna be,
Do what I wanna do,
Id be the richest one
Id be the richest one,
In the World
Oh Baby, Ba...by...ay


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