All by my lonesome  

SweetNSlick3 49F
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4/30/2005 5:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

All by my lonesome

Sigh...I'm home all alone. I don't have a car to get out anywhere, so going out into the world isn't an option. That means I needed to think of something to spend my evening doing...

So I'm sitting here, drinking a beer and surfing porn. As much as I love a good hard cock, I'm thinking about pussy tonight.About how much I'd love to feel, taste, slide my fingers deep inside another woman's pussy while I suck on her clit...The thought has made me so hot, so wet...I've gone and found my vibrating egg and slid it deep inside of me. The remote is right next to my hand, waiting for me to turn it on...occasionally I do, rocking in my chair, feeling my clit rub against the seam of my jeans...

But it's too soon to let myself cum yet, too soon...I have all night for teasing and pleasing myself...

rm_janabota 78M
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5/1/2005 12:44 am

You made my very bisexual girlfriend cum. You described a bisexual encounter so short and sweet that she just sat right next to me, slid a vibrator up her cunt, turned it to high and fingered her clit. This was a one person deal. I just sat here holding my stiff cock and watching her moan and cum. You did it and now she wants you ! She wants you to know that you turned her on with words. Hell, she wants to know what you could do face to face. She gave herself five orgasms and then let me suck her very wet pussy and penetrate her for six more over the next fifteen to twenty minutes. She's lying in bed exhausted while I sit here typing with a cock that is still hard. You made our evening baby and I love you. With just words ?...WOW. We want Y-O-U !

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