My first woman, a fantasy  

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3/17/2006 10:49 am

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My first woman, a fantasy

Below is a little fantasy that will, hopefully, soon become a reality. I’ve been fantasizing about being with a woman for a while. i decided to write about what might happen. i hope you enjoy reading my little fantasy as much as i enjoyed writing and imagining it.......

my first woman….

curiosity has always been my impetus for delving into new areas, trying new things. I guess it’s like that for most people.

For a long time I wouldn’t even consider being with another woman. The thought left me uncomfortable……although prior to my recent sexual awakening, there were lots of things on my “won’t ever do” list. That’s changed a great deal in the last few months.

We met through our respective blogs, bonding over issues that included our sexual interests. After meeting, we thought having our first ffm threesome together might be fun.

We chose our man, picked a day and decided that an early evening, starting with cocktails would be the perfect ticket.

I arrived first, our host for the evening inviting me into his apartment. i was visibly nervous as i crossed the threshold. He gathered me into a long kiss, focusing me, easing my nerves. Coat hung and drink offered, I retreated to the couch.

Sipping drinks, we waited for our other guest. She called saying she was running late. He and I took advantage of the time by retreating to the bedroom, shedding our clothes and getting comfortable on the bed. Soon we were fucking, slowly, intensely.

A knock at the door interrupted our pas de deux. He slipped on bottoms, I slipped on a shirt of his and we went to answer the door.

She looked adorable standing there….all wind blown and pink cheeked from the cold. We drew her into the warm apartment. He kissed her as he took her coat to hang, offering a drink. I put my arm around her and led to her the couch.

The sexual energy in the room was palpable……being bold, i moved into kiss her. Tentative at first, her tongue parted my lips, searching out mine. Our tongues played with each other as the kiss grew more intense…..

Don’t the two of you look adorable, sitting there kissing. But really, you couldn’t wait for your host? He says, returning with her drink.

We laugh, inviting him to join us. He sits next to me, leaving she and me together. We chat for a bit, his hands roaming me, mine playing in her hair…..suddenly, I feel a cold hand moving under my shirt moving to caress my tit. i gasp, with surprise and delight.

mmmmmmm, that feels good, I moan.

Why don’t we move to the bedroom, where we can get comfortable? Our host suggests.

Grabbing our drinks, we adjourn to the bedroom where she removes her clothes. Our host is comfortable on his bed, observing her undress as I nervously stand to the side, sipping my drink, wondering what to do next.

I remove the shirt I’d borrowed, our host removes his pants….et voila, we are all nude……and our host laughs:

well ladies, what shall we do?

We both look at him with big eyes…..and so begins the pas de trois:

he pulls her onto the bed and begins to kiss her as i stand and watch, immersed in how hot they look. His hands roam her body, playing with her tits as her hands find his cock.

I crawl onto the bed, wanting to join the hot scene playing out in front of me. His hand is playing with one of her nipples, and I take the other in my mouth. Tentatively I lightly lick her nipple as a hand grabs my tit. I’m not sure whose hand, but realize I don’t care… plain feels great.

My desire grows and I suck as much of her tit into my mouth as I can, flicking her hard nipple with my tongue, rolling it between my lips, finally moving back to bite her hard nub. We are a tangle of limbs…….them kissing, his hand on her tit, my mouth on the other, and her hand on his cock. I stop to look down as I feel fingers enter my wet pussy to see his hand on my tit, hers in my pussy. My mouth returns to biting her nipple.

My fingers wander to her pussy…..the three of us stay this way for a bit…..entwined and learning each other’s bodies.

Okay ladies, I wish to fuck one of you.

We untangle. She moves onto all fours and backs up to the edge of the bed, her ass in the air, exposing her dripping cunt. He rolls on a condom and enters her as I watch.

He directs me to lay in front of her, legs spread…..

She can lick you as I fuck her.

I happily oblige, opening my sopping pussy to her mouth. Slowly her tongue starts to explore my pussy…….she starts by licking my pussy lips as my hips move, anticipating her tongue reaching my clit.

Hold still, baby. He tells me. Let her explore…..

with much determination, I lay as still as i can, relaxing into the sensation of her soft tongue searching out my most sensitive spots, licking my wetness, circling my clit until finally her tongue lands there.

She moans in pleasure as he fucks her with deep, long strokes, holding her hips. I feel the vibration of her moan on my clit as I grab her hair, pushing her mouth harder onto my clit. She’s playing with her own clit with one hand as her mouth works mine and he continues to fuck her. Soon, she and I are cumming in deep, shuddering waves.

He withdraws and busies himself with something…neither of us look. We are caught up in each other…….i wriggle down the bed to kiss her, tasting my juices on her lips. Then she stretches out and lies on the bed.

I take the opportunity to pleasure her…..starting at her tits, I suck and bit each nipple, looking up to see her eyes close, melting into the feelings. I crawl down her body further as she spreads her legs. i move between them, my ass in the air, and begin to explore her cunt.

I lose myself in my exploration of her. Focusing on her pink pussy lips, i suck and lick them, listening to her breath coming quicker. The sweet taste of her surprises me a little as I investigate her hole….flicking my tongue in and out, teasing her.

I notice our host has returned to the bed and is kissing her, playing with her tits as I continue my exploration. she moans and thrusts her hips toward me, pulling my hair……I take the hint and my tongue circles her clit, flicking it, licking and finally sucking on her. I feel like I’ve discovered a new favorite food and I feast on her, my focus intent on pleasing her.

Whap! I jump a little and yelp in surprise. I didn’t even notice that he’d moved again. He was behind me with the cat o’ nine tails, a huge grin on his face at surprising me.

Don’t stop, baby….make her happy. I just want to play a little.

I return to my meal of luscious cunt as he spanks me. She’s lost in the feelings of my feasting on her; I’m lost in my feast and the sensations on my ass. He’s enjoying the view and spanking. The more he spanks, the more intense my tongue explores until she cums in wave upon wave of body shuddering orgasm.

The three of us then cuddle up on the bed, discussing our first round of sex. He’s pleased that we are very happy with the results of our experiment so far.

Okay, but I want my spanking too, she tells him.

hmmm, i want to watch.

She moves back on all fours, ass up, face into the bed, waiting to feel that first whack. I watch as he caresses her ass, preparing her……then that first whack to her ass. He starts with his flogger. There is pure bliss on her face.

As I watch the spanking unfold, I can’t help but start to masturbate. It’s such a hot scene…….she starts to play with her clit as he spanks. It’s just too tempting….I move from the chair I’d been sitting, masturbating in to the bed. I crawl underneath her to start eating her pussy again as he spanks.

Hey, I’m doing all the hard work here! What about me?

I slide out from under her, smiling and kissing her before moving to my knees in front of him. As he paddles her, i suck his cock, stopping occasionally as he changes position. Her hand is back on her clit. Soon she cums and signals she’s had enough of the spanking. She collapses on the bed.

We join her and he grabs a condom to fuck me. Our gaze is locked on each other as he fucks me hard and deep. She turns on her side to watch, then moves in to kiss me and play with my nipples. He plucks an orgasm from me.

Pulling out, he gets up from the bed and excuses himself to the bathroom. Returning, he finds us entwined, kissing each other, and our hands exploring each other’s pussy again. He sits to watch us.

Breaking off from our kiss, I start to make my way down her body again. i look up at him and smile as I dive back between her legs. He moves back in and straddles her chest, feeding her his cock.

I look up and see I have a clear shot at his asshole. so as my mouth continues to suck and lick her, I lube a finger and slowly enter his ass, massaging as she sucks.

I’m going to cum…he says as he pulls his cock from her mouth. He jerks himself once, twice, three times and shoot his cum onto her tits as I remove my finger from his ass.

He moves to the side and watches as she cums from my mouth sucking her.
The three of us curl up on the bed….sipping our drinks. The conclusion we come to is that our little experiment was a wild success……one that should be repeated.

Care to join me?

rm_lucky125125 47M
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3/17/2006 11:33 am

Sounds great and yes who wouldn't after reading what you wrote!

SaucyNSassy 39F

3/17/2006 11:43 am

Written very well... I enjoyed it.

muscles4u2have 54M
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3/17/2006 11:51 am

I insist that you invite me!!!! You won't regret it!!! You can pick the other woman! Maybe some one like SpunkNLace! Or Tabitha or Huntress or you decide!

Have a Happy St.Patty's Day and a great weekend!!!

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