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SweetLoadInKC 46M
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7/30/2006 12:42 pm

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8/4/2006 4:14 am

Favorite cartoon

My favorite Dilbert's cartoon goes like this...

Dogbert's Technical Support

Caller: Hello, I...
Dogbert: Shut up and reboot!

Caller: Hey, it worked!
Dogbert: Shut up and hang up!

Dogbert thinking: My average call time is improving!
It is truly mind-numbing how many times this is the proper solution for computer problems. Especially connectivity and/or hardware issues.

For those of you who have worked Tech Support... you know EXACTLY what I mean!

JuicyBBW1001 54F

7/30/2006 1:31 pm

Yup I sure do.


big_brown_eyes4 45F  
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8/3/2006 6:28 pm

My favorite IT person at work laughs at me because the first thing I ever say if I call her is

SweetLoadInKC 46M

8/3/2006 8:01 pm

Is what?

I'd be happy to be your IT person.... we can work out a good payment plan later.

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