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10/24/2005 1:52 am

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sweet beewulf9

So we agree that you have found me by mistake. You floated across my page one day on sheer chance and now you drop in just to see what kind of mischief I am up to today. Yet, rather than leave me to my fantasies and naughty daydreams or thoughts, you felt the need to say hello a time or two. Then, you began to drop words of kindness at my feet. Now I am left to pay homage to beewulf9 for all of the loyalties and compliments you have placed on my heart; all of the smiles that you have brought to my face when I have logged to see that you left me with a kind treasure or two. So beewulf9 this post is for you…

Canada seems so cold and uninviting, such a large place to find a single person. I scour the streets looking at every passing face to find the smile I am determined to locate. So many men here, all of them moving past me without a second look, and then I see you. You are hustling towards me, on your way to work. Your mind is on other thoughts, perhaps the many things you must accomplish, maybe a date later tonight; it doesn’t matter. I am going to change all of your plans in about 5 minutes and you has no idea I am even here yet. I step in front of you as you cross the sidewalk towards your office; before you have a chance to even say “excuse me” I have taken you by the hand and begun to introduce myself. “Hi, we’ve never really met. Not yet anyway. But today I’ve decided we should.” I smile my sweetest, most angelic smile and continue. “I have written to you for the last 3 months online and felt that we should finally meet in person, so use my cell phone, call in sick and spend the day with me. We’ll go back to my hotel room, order in and play all day between the sheets. Before you say a word, before you turn me down, keep in mind that I had to come a long way just to be here this morning and make this offer and if you are true to your profile, then you need a girl to help you be a little more romantically spontaneous.” and with that waited for your reply.

You reached for my phone and called in sick for the day.

I took a deep breath. So far everything was working out as I had planned. You hadn’t asked who I was, so I hoped that meant you recognized me. But then again, other than your phone call to the office, you hadn’t said a word either. I had never released your hand from when I had originally approached you on the sidewalk, so I just began to lead you away from the building. Quietly, you followed me. When we reached my hotel room I was afraid that I had misjudged my online friend. We had walked the entire distance in utter silence. It was very awkward, the tension between us so palpable it could be felt by those who passed by us on the street.

Once the door shut behind us, I turned to you and wrapped my arms tightly around your neck, pulled your face to mine and kissed you deeply. My lips were warm and moist from my tongue nervously licking them the entire trip to the hotel. I was so afraid that my bold approach would be met with rejection or disgust that I pulled back almost immediately. But, you grabbed me by the waist and held me against you. It was then that I knew your silence was not awkward or tense at all. It was excited and anxious. You were eager to get me back to this room. There was so much heat and fire behind your touch and kiss that my legs felt weak. I melted against you.

Your hands tore at my clothes with a hunger I never expected you to possess. Your fingers felt so good on my breasts, my nipples coming to life beneath your touch. When you took them into your mouth my moans surprised us both with their volume. I begged you to take me to bed. I wanted to feel you touch me more. My body beckoned to you. You laid me down in the bed and began to lick my body; I arched my back giving you access to all of my most delicate areas. When your tongue found its way to my clit and flicked and teased me, I screamed for the chance to taste you. Pleaded for an opportunity to take you in my mouth and feel your hot cum pour down my throat.

With a sly smirk you roll to your side and allow me to slide my way down your body, kissing, licking and nibbling at your body as I make my way toward your cock. I reach down to unbutton your pants and finally get my hands on your hardness, slip my fingers inside and begin to stroke you. You inhale deeply as your body relaxes underneath me. You seemed to enjoy my touch, I wet my lips and slide my mouth over the head of your dick, slowly at first, then the excitement over takes me and I gliding my lips and tongue over your shaft from head to base. Listening to your moans, and using my hands to heighten your pleasure, I can tell that you are beginning to get close to climax. You reach for my head and push me down on your cock, forcing me to take you deeply into my throat. Your head slides down the back of my throat, and I feel you spasm in my mouth, your cock tightens in my hand and then you cum. Hot, creamy cum fills my mouth and flows down my tongue. I lick it off of my lips. Savoring your flavor and smiling at your pleasure.

I creep back up your trembling body, spread my legs to straddle you and lower myself onto your throbbing cock. You reach down and grasp my bottom to control my movements yourself, showing me how quickly and hard you want me to ride you. I place my hands on your chest and let you guide me, bucking against you, moaning with pleasure. You’re buried so deep inside of my pussy, making me so wet and filling every inch of me. I start to ride you hard and fast. Pumping myself into you, our bodies slapping together, my pussy tightens around you and you realize that I am going to orgasm. You grip my bottom and pull me against you, pushing yourself deep inside, my body trembles and shakes and finally I explode around your cock. My wetness drips over you and laugh in triumph as I collapse on top of you. I am panting, exhausted, breathless and unable to speak. You were amazing … thank you beewulf9


beewulf9 38M

10/24/2005 8:27 am

You are sweet Angel. Your kindness, at how you took so much time to come to Canada and find me in the crowd, my God that is incredible.

Slowly kissing your lips, tasting from your lips-tongue-breath. Fingers explore your hair, neck, arms. I am so lost in your touch. And slowly I begin to explore you. I want to learn ever intimate detail.

"Yes I want to lick at your pussy, your sweet delicious pussy, and drink from your slit... licking away our cum... dragging my tongue under your clit- soft and ravishing. Yes! I want to lick you, love you that way, until your orgasms roll from one into the other.

But I will take my time and honour you. Respect every inch of your body, and appreciate how fine God made your skin, your scent, you. God... I find you so fine Angel."

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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10/25/2005 9:20 pm

Beewulf9 I'm glad you enjoyed the post ...

Especially made just for you ...

Take care,



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