What's a girl to do . . . ?  

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/6/2005 11:18 am

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5/4/2006 5:49 pm

What's a girl to do . . . ?

So there I am completely blown away by bedroomice2003's ability to take me to orgasmic heaven and back. Spent Friday afternoon in a fog of post-orgasmic bliss and wonder. My pussy still throbbing from his cock and the way he made me feel. AMAZING!!!Unable to eliminate the smile from my face, unable to contain the fire between my legs, completely unable to control the erect nipple showing through my tank top when my spouse walks though the door that evening, I am faced with a delima. What does a girl do? I am aroused by another man. I am still wet from his touch. I have yet to wash his cum from my face and hands. But, it is raining outside and the chidren are at my mother-in-law's house. So I do what any good wife willing to cover her own ass would do. . .

I grab my spouse by her shirt collar and drag her to our back yard. Tugging my pants off as we walk through the house. I get to the back porch and let the rain wash the smell and taste of my lover off of my face before I begin to kiss her neck and chest. The cold rain is pouring out of the sky, soaking my tank top to my skin, flowing over us as I kiss my way down her neck and chest. I remove her shirt, unbuckle her pants, take off her shoes and socks, take off her pants and underwear and begin to lick her pussy where she stands. She grips the posts to our porch for support as I bury my tongue deep between her legs. I am on my knees, the rain pouring down my back, running over my long hair and across my exposed bottom. My body shivers with nothing to cover it except the skimpy wet tank and thong panties that rain has soaked to my skin.

She starts to climax, reaches down and grabs me by the hair pulling my face into her pussy, my tongue pressed hard against her clit. I feel her explode against my mouth. She is so hot now, She pulls me up to her by my hair. Kissing my lips so hard. Her tongue forcing it's way deep inside of my mouth. I can feel her tongue ring slide against my tongue, the steel ball so cold and hard. It sends a chill through me. My body shivers against her. She lays me down in the soft green grass of our back yard. The rain pelting aginst her back. Puddles of cold water beneath me.

She kisses my body, takes my hard, erect nipples into her mouth and drinks the water from them, laps the drop of rain fom my belly, making her way to my sweet, wet pussy. She pauses there. Admiring the way the rain drops fall against the softness of me. The clean shaven swell of my wetness. She sucks the rain water from my clit and begins to lick it softly. Then presses her tongue firmly against it. Her tongue pushes my clit harder and harder until I remember the way he felt that morning. I begin to wonder if she can taste him as she drives her tongue deep inside of me. Her tongue exploring all of the places his cock had been only hours before. I know that I should feel guilty for being with a man when I have her so willing to please me. Her tongue feels so wonderful. But his cock was incredible. She licked me until I came all over her face. Then she lifted me up off of the lawn. Took me to bed, and told me how beautiful I am.

She told how loved I am. She told me how amazing I am. I listened to her tell me wonderful things like this for hours and I never felt an ounce of guilt for the time I spent with my lover that morning. Perhaps this makes me a horribly selfish person. Or perhaps this is what it truly means to be bisexual. Unable to be completely pleased by only one sex. I ask here seriously, what is a girl to do . . .?


bedroomice2003 44M

9/7/2005 3:46 am

Some people just aren’t content with the limits imposed on them by their culture or their families. Love and desire is neither straight nor gay, it knows no gender or respects any particular religious beliefs. It’s simply a part of human nature. We’re all bisexuals to a certain extent; whether we choose one path or another (strictly heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual) is simply matter of preference and biology. Ultimately, these are just labels which have very little meaning when two people are so in love. If anything, bisexuality is the purest form of love, a love without limits. You love the way a man makes you feel, but you also need the soft touch of a woman to balance your life. There’s absolutely nothing in the world wrong with that.

No one should be made to feel guilty about his or her desires, but we all have different ways of dealing with those emotions and we’re all responsible for the choices we make. In an ideal world, we should be free to explore our sexuality without fear or reprisal, but we don’t always live in that world. And sometimes we need to be selfish in order to know what’s real and what isn’t, to know what we truly want and who we are.

I find it interesting that the act of sharing yourself with someone else should make you appreciate what you already have, rather than take away from it. We’ve always been taught to believe otherwise, and perhaps that’s just one of the many things that make us so confused and upside-down as a species.

What’s a girl to do? Follow your heart and do what feels right to you, even if everyone else tells you it’s wrong. Only you can decide whether it’s true or not.


SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/8/2005 12:19 am

Thanks Ian, you always seem to know exactly what to say to make me feel like somehow I already knew the answer to my own question. I helps that everything you say makes me smile, coo and giggle with girlish delight as well. I am forever looking forward to every encounter with you whether in person, through email, blog or fantasy. Til next time sweetie . . .


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