The Goddess, The Saint and The Angel Return ...  

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The Goddess, The Saint and The Angel Return ...

Continued from The Goddess, Saint, Angel vs The Devil ...
goddessofbitches saintlianna

“More!, More!, More!, More!” the chanting could be heard echoing throughout the marbled walls of their retreat. Goddess slowly lifted her head from the soft, fluffy pillow where she lay, stretching lazily. Her hibernation had only just begun, normally she took at least 8 weeks off after any full year of human pleasure and she had only been out for half that time. Not nearly long enough to recoup all of her sexual prowess. Angel had been nestled beneath the blankets her wings wrapped around her shimmering milky white body trying to keep her excitement at bay while her lust for Goddess simmered. Meanwhile, Saint teased and taunted Angel with peeks and views of her glorious breasts and sparkling pussy, never actually allowing the lust ridden Angel a taste of her marvelous body; the tension in heaven was immense.

Angel cried out, “Let’s go back! I can’t take it any more. Just give me one day with a human. Any human, so I can rest peacefully.” Goddess moaned with disdain for Angel’s lack of self control. Saint laughed haughtily and together they shook their heads at her in disagreement. “Don’t you realize that they will never cease to beg my darling?” soothed the beautiful Goddess. Angel sighed and pouted. “Can’t you see that we are too much for them?” teased the Saint. Angel turned her back on them angrily. She did not understand how they were able to ignore the calls, and so easily go without. “Don’t you miss the explosion of orgasm; the feeling of release? I want to be seduced!” she whined in response. Goddess and Saint both laughed. “Angel,” sighed Goddess, “we lick each other’s pussies every day; we tease one another all the time. You never go without, none of us do.”

Angel stood and walked to the window to look out over the people of earth. She could see the men and women screaming for their return. Her shoulders heavy, she turned back to Saint and Goddess and with sad heavy eyes and pleaded “Just one more time?” They looked at one another for a moment and both knew what the answer would be. How could they say no to their little protégée? She look so sweet and darling standing there asking for one more chance to play with humans. So they agreed.

Angel jumped with delight and kissed them both square on the mouth. Before either one of them finished laughing Goddess waved her hands and they were once again standing in the middle of a large platform, center stage for all to see. Angel was at the fore front of the crowd in a white sheer shimmering see through gown. Her long strawberry tresses flowing over her back and her nipples both visible through the fabric of her dress, her smile was bright enough to light the entire stage and when she spoke she did so without aid of microphone or speakers. “We have come back” she announced. Silence fell over the crowd as they awaited the reason for their return. “The last time we were here, we offered one of you the chance to be with us. But we were tricked into choosing Satan instead. This time, one of you will get the chance to be pleased by us for certain. Who thinks they can stand up to the challenge?” Angel asked of the crowd. At first no one moved or spoke. She was afraid that perhaps they were afraid of falling to the same fate as that of the demon man. All eyes shifted toward the pile ash that still sat in front of the stage from their last visit to earth. Murmurs could be heard throughout he crowd. Suddenly, three men came forward.
“We will accept your challenge. There is one of us for each of you. We three are man enough to please you,” they claimed. Expatexpatbrit49 stepped toward Goddessgoddessofbitches and took her in his arms for a long passionate kiss. Digdugdigdug41 walked up to Saintsaintlianna and wrapped his arms around her and began to fondle and caress her. Finally, Norprinnorprin5 started towards Angel
with his arms outstretched and she leapt into them with glee and excitement. Goddess pulled back from Expat’s kiss and glared at him skeptically. She wondered what made him believe he could walk right up to her and touch her let alone kiss her like that. Saint slapped Digdug across the face and told him her must prove himself worthy of such pleasures as taking in every inch of her glorious skin. But, Angel, so excited to be permitted to play with humans was kicking and giggling with delight as Norprin covered her with sloppy kisses.

Goddess and Saint both looked at her with disgust. “This will never do!” hissed Saint under breath. “She is making a mockery of our heavenly positions,” moaned Goddess. With that both of them strode over to Angel and knocked her right out of Norprin’s grasp. She fell, haphazardly on her precious little ass before looking up at both of them, confused, ashamed and embarrassed. “What did I do?” she cried, as she stood smoothing the skirt of her gown over her bruised bottom. “You are embarrassing us!” they both yelled at her. She looked down at her feet and shuffled them uncomfortably. “You must learn to control yourself, Angel,” they explained. But they could both see from the look upon her face and the tears welling up in her bright blue eyes that she just did not understand. Saint rubbed her shoulders with exasperation; Goddess threw her hands over her head in frustration. “You decided to bring an “Angel” into our happy home Goddess, you deal with it!” exclaimed Saint.

With that, Saint grabbed Digdug by the hand, snapped her fingers and before them appeared a beautiful bed. It was an exact replica of the bed Saint used to have before she moved to her heavenly home with Goddess, she winked at Digdug and his clothes disappeared, as did hers. Digdug wasted no time in leading her to the bed, kissing her, taking her beautiful erect nipples into his hungry mouth and lifting her onto the pillows. He was going to do everything he knew to please his Saint. This was his dream come true. Saint lifted her hands above her head, sighed contentedly and let him commence pleasuring her. She loved being worshipped, and felt she deserved every ounce of the attention she was about to receive.

Meanwhile, Goddess wondered what to do about her Angel. She had to get her under control. Expat was pacing excitedly nearby, and Norprin was ready to pounce upon Angel at the first sign of approval. At last she had an idea. Overwhelm her, over-indulge her and then she will realize that her life in heaven is perfect. She won’t crave her adventures here on earth anymore. Goddess smiled to herself wickedly. Her idea would work. She just knew it! Angel would become so over stimulated she would beg to go home and never return. It was brilliant! Now, to find the volunteers; Goddess began to scan the crowd. She immediately spotted Beewulfbeewulf9 and knew he wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to tease an Angel. “Who else,” she wondered. Then her eyes found RicoRico0825 and Zrangerzrangerdanger. “Perfect!” she cheered. “That will definitely leave her begging for me, when they get through with her,” Goddess smiled to herself. She called all three of them to the stage.

Goddess whispered to Zranger “Get some rope.” Turned to Norprin and gave the okay to whisk Angel away to the large bed behind her. Goddess grinned gleefully as Angel looked at her, somewhat concerned. “What’s going on?” she asked. Goddess simply ignored her and turned toward Rico “Bring some lubricants and something to gag her with.” And finally gave her last instructions to Beewulf “You must be the gentle one, bring her softness and caresses, kiss her everywhere.” Each of them knew their place and was eager to get started. They all headed toward the bed where Norprin and Zranger had already lain Angel down and begun to tie her hands feet to the posts on each corner. A silk scarf was tied around her mouth to keep her from screaming. So far she merely looked concerned and confused; unsure why there were four men surrounding her instead of just one. The bed was covered with black silk sheets and thick feathered down blankets. The suede and leather pillows were scattered everywhere, some were being placed beneath Angel’s bottom to lift and position her as they wished. Lubricants of all kinds of styles were being slathered over her body, covering her ass, pussy, breasts with different sensations and flavors. Preparing her for anything these men wished to do to her. All the while Beewulf, caressed her and whispered calming words of romance and beauty into her ears trying to keep her relaxed and excited. He kissed her cheeks, stroked her hair, and massaged the oils and lube into her skin.

As the preparation of sweet Angel took place, Goddess purposefully sauntered back toward Expat. He looked up, glad that he had not been forgotten and stood to greet his Goddess. He reached for her, and to her surprise his hands were not empty. In his right, he held a long stemmed red rose. “This is for you, because its beauty tries to match your but never comes within a miles reach” he explained. In his left he held a long, fat, fresh picked carrot “and this is for your pleasure, to reach all of the places I cannot. When I am nestled in one hole, it can be in another,” he whispered. She looked at him suspiciously. He was quirky and adorable, perhaps that was why she laughed aloud when he wiggled his erotic carrot in her direction and chased her all the way to the enormous bathtub already overflowing with sensuous bubbles and water just 200 feet behind them. They both giggled and jumped in, naked and free as their clothes fell off mid-air. The crowd remained silent as they watched the three different scenes unfold before them; erotic pleasures already under way in each one. be continued...


beewulf9 38M

5/13/2006 7:32 am

I hope the beewulf in this story is attentive to your character.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:50 am:
Isn't he always? Beewulf could be no other way ...

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5/13/2006 4:59 pm


I'm SO in the wrong neighborhood! To think that, for all this time, I've been living on the wrong Olympus!!!

Anybody want to buy a slightly sweat-stained camera..?



Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



SweetDarlinAngel replies on 5/16/2006 9:50 am:
Well pack up and move over! What are you waiting for?

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