The Fantasy  

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6/30/2006 12:54 pm

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The Fantasy

We met at the airport and headed straight for the club. I was on a mission, determined to fulfill your fantasy. The 18 hour flight invigorated me, I was ready for anything. You looked so sexy in your blue jeans and black button down silk shirt. Absolutely yummy. An Italian dream, my dream. I changed on the plane into a tight red latex skirt, black tie back halter top and high heels. My lipstick matched my skirt. I was hot and you loved the way it looked on me.

People stopped and stared as we passed by, arm in arm rushing for the doors from baggage claim. I couldn't wait. We both wanted to touch each other, feel one another's bodies, but we didn't, not yet. You drove downtown, pushing the speeding limits the entire way. I teased you, placing my feet upon the dashboard, letting my hands trail over my thighs, between them allowing you brief glimpses of my silky black thong panties. Your eyes shift consistently between me and the road. I giggled at your attempt to concentrate on your driving.

We arrived at the club, it is rowdy, raunchy and perfect for what I plan to accomplish. I want to take someone home with us tonight. A transvestite or transexual, just like you have always fantasized about. One we can share all night long. You'd never do it alone, you're too shy, so I've decided to help you meet one. She'll be beautiful, sexy, sensuous, perfect. I walk in the doors and turn to wait for you. You already look so nervous. I laugh and grab your arm, you'll be fine sweetheart. I'll make you look good, just stick with me baby.

As soon as we walk in the music calls to me. It is playing something with rhythm. I don't know the song but the beat is great, my ass starts to move, my waist begins to sway and I take you by the hand to the dance floor. After grinding against you, bumping on the dance floor for nearly an hour; you spot a gorgeous woman across the room. I feel your elbow in my side as you point her out to me. "I think she's the one, she's been staring at me for a while now" you whisper in my ear. I smile to myself and head straight for her.

Upon approach I see that she is tall and sinewy, just the way you like. Her skin-tight, purple, velvet dress shows off her firm ass and long slender legs. Her breasts looked perky, but small, and snug. I thought she was perfect. "Hello, my boyfriend thinks you are the most beautiful woman in here and couldn't help but notice that you had been watching us dance. Would you care to join us?" I asked her in my most friendly and flirtatious voice I could. She smiled and accepted by offering me her hand and nodding demurely. I led her to the dance floor and to you.

You placed yourself between us, taking her in your arms and letting me dance behind you, holding onto your hot, sexy ass as you flirted and seduced her. You whispered in her ear that was beautiful, told her she smelled amazing and asked for her name. "Mehgan" she replied. I was so turned on by the sight of the two of you that I danced around both of you, letting my hands drape across your body then over hers. Touching your ass, her waist, her breasts, your shoulders, teasing both of you. The next song was hot, you moved closer to her, grinding yourself against her. You could feel her hardness beneath her dress beginning to grow. We were both so aroused. We both hoped she was too.

Finally, after that song was over, you asked her to come with us; "We'd really love it if you joined us back at my place tonight." She laughed, and then replied, "I'd love to, I thought you'd never ask." Excited and eager, you took us both by the hand and led us off of the dance floor and right out the door. You were determined to get us into the car and back to your apartment before either one of us could have a change of heart. I climbed into the seat behind you while Mehgan assumed the front passenger seat next to you. As you drove us home, I leaned forward and kissed your ears and neck from behind, reached over to Mehgan and caresses her long gorgeous legs. Suddenly, I felt your hand on her leg too, mine was no longer needed there. Mehgan grinned at you as you lifted the skirt of her dress a bit higher, exposing her upper thigh.

By the time we got to the apartment, our arousal was thick in the air. You couldn't get the door opened fast enough. Mehgan and I were already kissing on the doorstep, undressing one another by the time you pushed us inside, then we turned our attention to you. Kissing your neck, tearing at your clothes, nibbling upon your shoulders. She took your lips and kissed them deeply, passionately while I made my way down your tosro, undressing you, pulling at your trousers, freeing your desire from your underwear. When I placed my tongue on the tip of your hard cock, you inhaled so sharply that you drew her tongue deep into your mouth.

Your hands began to remove her dress and her bra above me as I took your stiff shaft deeper and deeper into my mouth. Devouring every inch of it. Wetting it with my lips and tongue. Keeping it deep inside of my throat then I felt you lean forward as you began to kiss and tongue her breasts. I turned toward Mehgan and saw her soft pink panties right at eye level. I used my teeth to draw them down and she gingerly stepped out of them. Her cock was as glorious as yours was. I wet my tongue and took it in my mouth. All the while stroking your dick in my hand.

Both of you standing above me. You, a gorgeous Italian man, so sexy and strong and big. Mehgan, a beautiful, sesuous transexual woman with seductive breasts and an amazing cock. I knew that your fantasy had started and perhaps mine wsa just beginning to awaken.


bedroomice2003 43M

7/1/2006 1:48 am

Your writing is so erotic, baby, you almost got me tempted to try it myself.

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/3/2006 2:45 pm:
and when you do ... just remember wher to find me ...

warmandsexy52 64M
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7/3/2006 12:53 pm

Angel sweetie, as always, beautiful and so erotic. Lovely and totally unjetlagged.

Now in line with the game started by Kaliedascope61 in Cum on Blogland would you like to join the party and cum for me?

warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/3/2006 2:46 pm:
you know that I will always cum for you ... especially when asked by someone like you!

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