Still Panting from this one...  

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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7/21/2006 3:49 pm

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3/21/2007 4:58 pm

Still Panting from this one...


When I wake up, immediately after the first grateful feeling for having u on my side pops up on my mind, ill spend some time, delighting my self with the
precious picture of ur sweet naked body laying besides me, enjoying the masterpiece of art ur beauty is.

Ill lean towards you, tracing lines slowly and softly, using just the very
tips of my lips and eventually the tongue, almost not really touching, drawing the perfect shape of ur caramel curves.

My kisses will act as a warm and soft blanket for you, and Ill be able to see how ur body begins to stretch and relax even more, enjoying all the ravaging Im providing you.

Ill stop for a while, caressing ur wonderful, rounded boobs, slowly breathing my warm air over them, and resume the kissing. Ill begin to notice the response to ur nipples, as they lazily become erect and hard, like willing to tell me “good morning”.

I’ll roll the base of my thumb gently around your large and erect nipples… playing with ur sultry nipples as if they were the clit. And stopping for a while to enjoy the beginning of ur delightful smile, while u begin to regain ur consciousness after such a long night of pleasure, ecstasy and luxury.

And then I resume my kisses again, now going south to ur chest, ur deep
cleavage valley, going back tru ur tummy, teasing the borders of ur hungry
navel. And then keep on moving slowly to ur honey garden, seeing how ur
body ‒still not completely conscious- begins to respond to me, ur hips
slightly rolling, ur breathe begins to get heavier, ur sultry lips begin to

I begin to play around ur lips, not touching them, but savoring and
smelling the beginning of a new arousal and all the memoirs of the long nite. I
also begin to discover how the texture of ur skin begins to change very
subtly, like every single pore of ur skin wants to open to enjoy every single

I can smell now the full feeling of ur arousal, like a well ripe sweet, tropical fruit and how a wide smile enlightens ur whole face. I know ur enjoying and u let me do, to take u all mine….

My hot wet tongue is now running around the entire hood and down in
between the labia - very gently - and back up. I keep my tongue rolling around
your clit, your shaft and under your bud.

Your mouth is more open now, and some slight moans indicate u r fully
enjoying all I have for you, so I begin to run my tongue gently up and down
between your precious, warm and ravenous lips…

While dipping my tongue deep within you, as you can not contain your
sexual raw energy and let out a gentler moan… where I can curl my tongue and lightly suck in your juices as I use the tip of my tongue to press your walls, enjoying the whole width of your soaked channel.

I see the whole contraction of ur muscles in the exact moment u try to
fight the losing battle of restrain the sexual explosion that you are close
to be….

The joy of hardening my suction as your orgasm is getting closer… so I
can pull all your cum from your body… and taste it, like a vintage champagne

I can hear u cumming,
I can taste u cumming,
I can smell u cumming….

And when a wide smile finally appears on your face, and you begin the
process of catching up ur breathe again… I can gaze back into your eyes,
kissing you deep enough for my soul to want to leap out of my mouth and
merge with yours.

I can now stare at your eyes and say, “Good morning Angel”

~BFN Someone Special
(like I'd tell you all who it is)


warmandsexy52 64M
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7/25/2006 1:12 pm

So horny, yet so loving.

warm xx

SweetDarlinAngel replies on 7/25/2006 2:51 pm:
tell me about it!

rm_latteudo222 59M
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10/18/2006 3:10 pm

396 . My bottom firmly pushing upon your groin as I slither down. My lower back, gently cupping your erection as I rise back up with my hands trailing along your legs and thighs. You bury your face in my neck, inhaling my sweet, perfumed scent, the flowery smell of my hair and the sexual tension eminating from my skin before wrapping your arms around my waist; spinning me within your grip and forcing me to face you again. love in mey.


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