Road Trip . . .  

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9/22/2005 1:13 pm

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Road Trip . . .

I am quiet as you drive just listening to the radio. you glance at me, still astounded by my beauty. You are not sure if that will ever change. So you drive on in silence listening to the radio and stealing glimpses of me out of the corner of your eye. We go on like this for an hour and a half when we have finally reached the cool country and you have to go to the bathroom. You tell me you are going to pull over and run into the woods to pee and will be back, I say ok and off you go.

You go out into the woods kind of deep so you cannot be seen from the road and find a tree and start to take your pants down. You hear movement behind but figure it is a squirrel. You finish and reach to pull your pants up and feel my touch on your shoulder. Pants still in hand you turn to look at me. I smile at you.

I pull you close to me, your pants around your knees, and tell you I want to show you how much I want you. I have brought a blanket from the truck and I lay it over the pine needled forest floor. I smile at you as I guide you down on the blanket, I whisper in your ear “just lie here and let me show you, you don’t need to do anything this is all about you". You lie back on the blanket astonished, amazed, and excited.

I start kissing you softly on the lips as I rub your chest. I slide my tongue in your mouth and you moan with excitement as our tongues meet, you love the way I kiss you like that, you can feel my desire in the kiss. Your hands are caressing my body as we kiss; feeling my every curve. I start kissing and sucking at your neck making you moan more, I know you love that. Your hands roaming my body feeling skin on skin is exciting you beyond belief. I lift your shirt and start kissing your chest slowly taking my time kissing every inch of your body, some places more than once. You know I am taking my time trying to build your excitement to it’s fullest. You would tell me it is working. But why, I know what I can do to you.

I slip my shirt off and kiss your lips, you can feel my naked breasts on your chest slowly moving back down they come to rest on your stomach while I kiss your chest driving you insane. I move lower and start kissing your stomach. My breasts at your groin, you are so excited that you can’t help the thrusting; it is involuntary. I am making you moan louder and louder as I take my time. Teasing and pleasing you. I kiss your belly, your thighs moving my lips lower. I want to taste you. My mouth is wet with excitement, you continue to thrust against me, your moans echoing through our forested hideaway. "I want you" I whisper to you.

Your fingers are wrapped through my hair pulling my face towards your body, aching to feel my tongue against your skin. I lower my head to you. My breath blows across you. You can feel it cool you where your precum wetness has left you burning hot. I moisten my lips in anticipation of your taste. I can smell the heat rising from you as you lift to meet my mouth. Finally I rest my lips at the head of your manhood and taste the desire I find there.

You are so hot for me. Your excitement has built so completely that you are unable to resist the urge to pull my mouth onto you. Drinking in all of you, feeding off of the cum you give to me. As my tongue is stroking the sides of you, I use my hand to bring you to climax. You explode into my mouth, flowing down my throat. The searing heat of your juices filling me with enough passion to want to keep tasting you. I can't get enough. Your moans of pleasure are sending waves of excitement through my body. I can feel my body begin to pulsate.

My pussy starts to throb, I can feel it swell with desire and need. I want you to touch it. I know it will only take one touch from you to send me into orgasm. I slide my mouth off and begin to kiss my way up from your cock to your groin. From your groin to your belly. From your belly to your chest. I move from your chest to your neck where I suck on your ears and neck and shoulders. I kiss your lips and tongue with my own. I feel your hands start to caress my body, your fingers exploring my breasts. Your hands cupping my bottom.

You lower your hands into my pants and gently, slowly touch my pussy. One finger, one gentle stroke at a time. Each one causing my breath to catch in my throat. Each movement causing me to pause in my own explorations. I am so close. You can tell that I am on the edge. You press your finger hard against my clit. You hold it there. Then begin to move, slowly, then more quickly, more vigorously. I've stopped breathing. I explode all over your fingers. My pussy drips with wetness as you remove your hand from my pants. Smiling, you sit back and look at me. I am breathless, panting, exhausted.

"We need to get back to the truck" you reply. "Oh right, the truck . . . " I stammer, as I allow you to lead me back through the woods to our abandoned vehicle with the blanket thrown over your arm. A smile on your face, like a champion matador after a prize fight. You saunter back toward the road with a spring in your step. You hand outstretched to me as I walk on feeble knees behind you.

Yet again, you have proven yourself to be quite the masterful lover.


SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/23/2005 10:23 am

mzhunyhole thank you very much. Any compliment from you is worth a thousand words to me.



warmandsexy52 64M
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9/23/2005 4:35 pm

The ordinariness of a truck driving through the woods. I'm imagining the half-light and the atmosphere, then the mundaneness of going for a pee, and then WOW!!! Delicious, explosive and HOT!!!! Erotic, inspirational and just plain fantastic. warm xx

dano6332 56M

9/23/2005 8:41 pm

SDA ever want to go camping? Loved it dear

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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9/26/2005 8:57 am

warmandsexy52 It's the idea that any moment can be grand, whether it's a tinkle in the woods, or the most planned of intimate encounters. I love how any moment can turn into something sesuous and erotic. You just have to know how to make each moment count. Have you read up on the affair that your right hand inspired, yet darling? Tee Hee

dano6332 love camping! I'm glad you enjoyed it.



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