My Night With A Sunshine Stripper ...  

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11/4/2005 9:10 pm

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My Night With A Sunshine Stripper ...

Watching him dance is like watching a wild animal pace the cage of his tamed environment. His muscles are taut and defined. The music is pumping through the speakers so loudly that I can feel each beat pulsating beneath my skin. Leaving a slight tingle in my groin as I watch him rock his hips back and forth to the rhythm of the drums, teasing the audience. I am captivated. Like an unleashed tiger he rips his shirt open to expose his chest and arms, the hot stage lights catch the sweat and oil glistening on his deltoids and biceps. I scoot myself forward in my seat, eager not to miss a single second of the show. He dances around the edge of the stage, reaching out to the women with his strong hands, his stomach muscles ripple with the effort of balancing on the edge while leaning out to his adoring fans. They all want to touch him. At center stage he stops, reaches down and unzips his fly, screams and moans of approval are heard throughout the club. He raises one hand above his head, the other is hanging loosely at his side and with a quick jerk of his lower hand pulls his pants off and tosses them into the crowd. Standing before us in nothing but a black leather G-string he allows the women to admire his body in the stage’s spotlight. It is at this point that I can no longer control my excitement, from front row, center stage, a voice screams “I can please you like no other, just take me home with you tonight. You hot Sunshine Stud!” and I blow a kiss his way.

The music has died down, his set has finished and there are roses and hundreds of dollars at his feet. He was gathering up his earnings and I am whispering to him from across the way “I used to dance too, you know. I remember what it’s like up there night after night.” He had yet to acknowledge me. Instead of being discouraged I slide a card across the stage floor with my cell phone number on the back. “Call me, I’m leaving here at closing” I tell him. With that I turn and head towards the bar. Two hours go by and the Sunshine Strippers please and tease the crowd like no other men can. The women are brought to their feet and dropped to their knees, often seen fainting from sheer delight and excitement. There has never been a more loved or talented crew before. People came from miles around just to see the show, the infamous, world renowned Sunshine Strippers! I watched the entire show, loved every set, and waited to see if the man I slipped my number to would turn up.

At closing, I still hadn’t seen Amber Solaire since I’d given him my card. Disappointed I collected my purse and headed to the ladies room before leaving for the evening. As I passed the hallway entrance someone grabbed me by the arm and pulled me backstage.

“Excuse me!” I yelled at the big burly bodyguard man-handling me. “Amber wishes to see you” he growled at me. I was instantly silenced. My head started spinning. “Amber wishes to see you” he had said. What could that possibly mean? I thought to myself. Good grief, the jerk could have given me time to check my make-up and hair, at least warned me before grabbing me and throwing me into Amber’s dressing room! Suddenly a door opened in front of me, I was pushed inside and just as quickly it was slammed shut behind me. I spun around once and realized I had been closed inside, turned full circle and came face to face with Amber. “Hi!” I exclaimed.

He said nothing, just grabbed my face and kissed me. I backed up to the wall and found myself against a dressing table. I sat back on it and immediately spread my legs. My short skirt gave way to his body easily; his terry cloth robe fell open revealing that well toned body that I had admired on stage. I ran my hands over his torso, down to his pelvis and along the hardening form of his shaft. Rather than remain seated on the dressing table I push Amber Solaire away from me, drop to my knees before him and take his world famous cock into my mouth. He moans with pleasure as he grips the back of my head pulling him deeper inside of my mouth. The muscles in his ass clenched as he pumps himself over and over between my lips. I reach up and begin to stroke the base of his dick with my fingers while I suck and stroke him with my lips and tongue. His moans intensify as he pulls my hair trying to push his way farther into my mouth. I move my hand so that I can take him down my throat when he cums. His body trembles slightly, tenses, and then bucks against my lips. His burning hot cum showers down my tongue and throat; I drink and lick and suck it down; savoring the taste of his pleasure. He lifts me by the chin so that I rise to my feet, guides me towards a plush rug in the dressing room and motions for me to lie down. I smile and do as I am told.

As I lie down I wiggled myself out of my skirt and panties, spread my legs and beckoned to Amber. Like a panther after the kill, he stalked over to me on all fours with a hungry smile, chewing at his lower lip looking as though he were going to devour me with his mouth rather than his sexual appetite. I reached out to him and let my hands trace over his sinewy back and thighs as he strategically maneuvered himself between my legs. He lifted my thighs with those wonderfully shaped arms and pulled me back to him. He rested his buttocks on his heels; knees bent and drew me into his lap. With my body trailing down his legs to the floor, he used the crook of my knees to lift and pull me back and forth on his cock. My body slid up and down his thighs as he lifted and pushed me up and down, back and forth on his rock hard member. Watching it slip in and out from his vantage point kneeling from above. My body was bowed, upside-down against him. I couldn’t move, couldn’t resist anything that he wanted to do me. Finally he released my legs let my bottom rest on the rug and drove himself deep inside of me in the traditional position of domination.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him deeper inside; I could feel him reaching every area of my wet, hot pussy. My body was responding to him quickly. I could feel the orgasm wanting to rise within me and I fought it back. Clenching my pussy tightly around his cock, making him working to push his way in and out of me, Amber began to moan with pleasure; he seemed to like how tight my pussy was when I was fighting off the orgasms. He pinned my hands above my head and leaned his face to my chest, flicking a hot, wet tongue over my incredibly sensitive erect nipple. I gasped in surprise. I hadn’t expected him to do that. He drew my nipple into his mouth and elicited the most wonderful moan of enjoyment from my lips. I couldn’t fight him any more, my body loosened, my pussy trembled, and then with a sudden shaking exploded a hot, creamy wonderful cum over his cock. Amber sighed with pleasure. He withdrew his amazing shaft from my throbbing pussy and licked and kissed his way down my breasts and belly. His lips began to suck and nibble at my thighs. His tongue began to play with the lips of my pussy tasting my warm cum still dripping from it. Then he slipped his tongue over my clit. My breath caught in my throat. I waited before letting it back out. He flicked his tongue over my clit again teasing me. It was so swollen and sensitive, peeking out between my pussy lips begging for attention. I gasped for breath a second time. Then without warning, he drew my innocent little clit fully into his mouth and sucked the warm juices from it. My hips rose from the rug, my fingers grabbed handfuls of his hair and I screamed with absolute bliss.

Amber knew he had conquered my body completely, yet I had guaranteed that I could be the one to conquer his. I pulled him up from between my legs, rolled him onto his back and whispered “My turn” into his ear.

He lies back and places his hands behind his head, relaxed and ready for me to thrill him. He winked at me and grinned, challenging me. I eased my way towards his cock, licked my lips in anticipation and slid his member into my mouth. I heard him sigh with satisfaction as I sucked and licked at him enjoying his taste; enjoying the way that my flavor lingered on him. His shaft filled my mouth completely. I stroked him generously with my tongue and lips, wetting him down. Then grabbed him around the base with my fingers and rose above him, my feet placed on either side of his hips and lowered my pussy onto his hard cock. Never allowing myself to rest completely on top of his body, I used my legs to glide up and down on his stiffness, lifting myself to the tip of his head before slowly easing my pussy back down to the base. Amber was no longer lying back resting on his hands, he had moved his hands to my hips, guiding me up and down, trying to match my rhythm to his level of excitement. But, I held to my slow and steady pace, teasing him.

I saw him begin to shudder as he approached his first climax. His body tensed beneath me, his fingers dug into my hips and lifted off of the floor to drive himself deep inside. I took his cue and dropped to my knees, allowing his cock to bury itself completely in my wet pussy, I tightened my pussy around him as he came forcing him push harder and deeper. Then, as his climax began to subside I relaxed and began to gently rock back and forth on his throbbing pulsating cock as he trembled below me. I wasn’t finished with him yet. I was going to make him cum again.

Leaning forward, I began to pump my hips against his pelvis, stroking his recently expended cock. Amber’s moans echoed in the tiny dressing so loudly that I could barely hear the sounds of the security crew outside of the door anymore. His hands dug into my back and he told me that he didn’t have any more to give me. I told him he was wrong. He had one for me. I sat back on his dick and spread my pussy lips around the base of his cock. Shifted my thighs as wide as they would go and grinded myself into his shaft hard and fast. Amber grabbed my waist and screamed. He bucked his hips off of the floor and drove himself deep inside of me, lifting me up with his pelvis, balancing me on top of his exploding dick. Then he collapsed back to the floor, panting, exhausted, speechless, and smiling. I knew then that I had kept my promise.

I rolled off of Amber’s amazing body, kissing his sweaty torso. We lie there on that rug for a few minutes naked, breathless and satisfied. I leaned towards him and kissed his smiling lips, stood to gather my things and left. That was my night with a Sunshine Stripper, the hottest strippers around.

*** disclaimer ***
The Sunshine Strippers and it’s club are all purely fictional. All are figments of the imagination of myself and/or fellow bloggers of this site.


warmandsexy52 64M
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11/5/2005 12:33 am

Angel, Wow! What a fantasy! Oh to be Amber! warm xx

ChandlerStud3 31M
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11/5/2005 5:56 am

email me at AdultFriendFinder

rm_Balanon2 48M
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11/5/2005 8:28 pm

wetpantyslut- I haven't had an Amber fantasy. But, I sure have an Angel fantasy now! Whooo \8

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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11/8/2005 5:03 pm

wetpantyslut I never realized Amber was popular! He asked me to write a story about a night with a Sunshine Stripper and I thought who better than Amber himself!

warmandsexy52 why dream of being anyone but yourself dearest. You know full well that my fantasies of you are always vivid and hot. No need to wish to be someone else.

ChandlerStud3 Please don't be offended if you don't hear from hear from me via email. My time online is very limited of late and I don't have much opportunity to write. Take care.

Balanon2 comments like those will make me blush and cause me to think that you only visit to see if you can do it again. Behave yourself Balanon!



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